Threshold is a membership organization where people with significant financial resources, a commitment to social change, and an interest in their own emotional, psychological, and spiritual development come together to scheme, dream, learn, work and play. We have observed that social change flows from personal growth, so we work simultaneously on our inner lives and our social responsibility. We challenge ourselves to examine the contradictions between our privilege of wealth and our desire to support justice in the world. We inspire each other to follow the counsel of Mahatma Gandhi to “be the change we wish to see in the world.”

The Threshold network gathers once in the winter and once in the summer in different locations around the country and occasionally abroad. Members who serve on our foundation’s grantmaking committees meet for a few days before the conferences to carry out their collective grantmaking. Threshold meetings offer opportunities for both novice and experienced donors and activists to learn about social change philanthropy and leveraging wealth, and to engage with allies, activists, thinkers, and fellow donors at the cutting edge of social change movements. During our meetings, Threshold members deeply examine their inner lives, relationships, and lifestyles. Our meetings are less like formal conferences and more like ongoing experiments, retreats designed to encourage members to discover their most meaningful work and purpose, and to engage the world from that place.

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