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Our Mission

We are already at the climate tipping point. We are going over the brink. It's not nearly enough to stop using fossil fuels. Over 30% of global greenhouse gas emissions are caused by deforestation and the abuse of land. Much of the carbon now in the atmosphere and oceans was once stored in forests and soils. We need to put it back. Our mission embraces both prevention and cure. We must protect our remaining forests and wetlands, not by saving isolated pieces of land, but by changing underlying policies and billions in subsidies which now drive and reward deforestation and destructive forms of agriculture.

Our Strategy and Focus

The cure is more inspiring. By changing the way we manage farms, ranches and other landscapes, we can pull carbon dioxide from the air and return it to living systems in scale. We can use abundant free solar power, the brilliance of life which has evolved over 4 billion years, and human creativity to make an immediate and lasting impact, both mitigating and adapting to climate change. Solutions will be context specific, scale appropriate and have many co-benefits for soil, water, health and species diversity. Millions of land stewards around the word are working on these solutions today. We will advance this work through on-the-ground learning, research, policy and education. There are tremendous opportunities for philanthropy here, since all this work is severely under-funded. We don't yet know its full potential, but we know it is large, and we know how to begin.

Grant Cycle Guidelines:
To be decided by October 2020.