Middle East Peace

Our Call to Action

The Funding Circle is committed to supporting a just, peaceful and enduring transformation of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and the life diminishing consequences of decades of divisive narratives, mutual mistrust, anger, fear, violence, and the encroaching presence of Israeli settlers and military. The Funding Circle will support efforts among and between Israelis and Palestinians to create peace, long range stability, reconciliation between their respective communities, strengthening democracy and community building through peaceful civic engagement, and influencing a respectful, compassionate public narrative advocating for full civil rights, dignity and security for all. Our commitment is to support Palestinians and Israelis working together, creating conditions conducive to peace.

Our Mission

We are committed to supporting an ecosystem of peaceful, visionary, innovative Palestinian and Israeli activists advancing nonviolent transformation of the conflict and conditions in Palestine and Israel into an enduring peace, with full civil rights, dignity and security for all.

2019 Grantmaking Cycle

Each year, Threshold Funding Circles will have a single, 6-month grantmaking cycle from February to August.

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