Threshold Foundation 2005 Grants List

Coexistence and Community Committee
Total Grants $193,014


Centro de Derechos Economicos y Sociales – CDES

Organization Description: CDES is an Ecuadorian NGO working in research, advocacy, litigation, and education to promote social and environmental justice through human rights. CDES work is based on two principles: that human rights have a critical role to play in sustainable human development, and that local actors and social movements must be the driving forces.

Quito, Ecuador |

Community Alliance for a Sustainable Economy

Organization Description: CASE provides leadership in the Monterey Bay region on issues affecting working people and their families. Current efforts focus on expanding living wage ordinances, on supporting the local movement for affordable health care and housing and on providing support for progressive innovations in local unions and community organizations, including youth programs, immigrant rights alliances, and the establishment of workers centers.

Grant Purpose Description: Funds would be used to expand Citizenship Project programs into additional communities and to support coalition building on immigrant rights issues between local unions and community organizations.

Castroville, CA |

Farmworker Association of Florida, Inc. (FWAF)

Organization Description: FWAF's mission is to empower farmworker and rural poor communities to respond to and gain control over the social, political, economic, workplace, health, and environmental justice issues affecting their lives. FWAF activities include grassroots leadership development; pesticide safety and environmental health education; immigrants' and workers' rights advocacy; HIV/AIDS education; vocational rehabilitation and job training/referral; education for pregnant women.

Grant Purpose Description: FWAF is requesting multiyear funding in the amount of $25,000 per year for three years to support the activities of this project. Funds would be applied primarily toward staff salaries and benefits, travel for staff and community members to Tallahassee, and consultants/training expenses.

Apopka, FL |

Just Vision

Organization Description: Just Vision highlights grassroots Israeli and Palestinian efforts to build a base for peace in the Middle East. Through educational curricula, documentary film and innovative online and face-to- face encounters, Just Visionaims to increase awareness of these peace workers, and to act as a hub where they can gain access to one another as well as to audiences abroad. Grant

Purpose Description: A $25,000.00 grant from Threshold would be put toward general operating support, which includes staff salaries to: translate the Online Network for Peace curriculum into Arabic and Hebrew, distribute the ONFP and film to target audiences in North America and train facilitators to lead constructive follow-up discussions about civilian peace efforts in the Middle East.

Brooklyn, NY |

Karuna Center for Peacebuilding

Organization Description: Karuna Center for Peacebuilding is a U.S. Based nonprofit organization that offers international training programs in conflict transformation, intercommunal dialogue, and reconciliation. The core of Karuna Center's work takes place in post-conflict regions of the world at the request of local partners.

Grant Purpose Description: General Support

Amherst, MA |

Permaculture Institute of El Salvador

Organization Description: IPES is a not-for-profit foundation whose aim is to provide sustainable living alternatives for the poor in El Salvador's rural and marginal communities. We support the grassroots Farmer to Farmer movement with agro-ecology and leadership training and introduce subsistence farmers to permaculture methods as a tool for tackling the complex inter-relationship between poverty, injustice and environmental degradation.

Grant Purpose Description: General Support

San Salvador, El Salvador |

Sylvia Rivera Law Project

Organization Description: SRLP works to guarantee that all people are free to self-determine their gender identity and expression, regardless of income or race, without facing discrimination or violence. SRLP believes that gender self-determination is inextricably intertwined with racial, social and economic justice. We seek to increase the political voice of low-income people of color who are transgender, intersex, or gender non-conforming.

Grant Purpose Description: Threshold Foundation funding will be used to increase the effectiveness and reach of our work to improve access to respectful and affirming social, health, and legal services for our communities by focusing on the following four campaigns: Homeless Shelter Access Initiative, NYC Trans Activist/Provider Network, Medicaid Equality Initiative, and Support for Community Organizing.

New York, NY |

Teaching for Change

Organization Description: Teaching for Change:building social justice, starting in the classroom provides teachers and parents with the tools to transform schools into socially equitable centers of learning where students become architects of a better future. Projects include a catalog of equity-focused educational resources; equity-centered professional development; and a family-school partnership model implemented in DC area schools.

Grant Purpose Description: Tellin' Stories seeks to (1) engage immigrant and African American parents in DC schools in forming alliances that act with knowledge and power to address equity issues; (2) provide opportunities for parents to strengthen their leadership skills and to advocate for systemic change; and (3) document our research-based, field-tested approach using the power of story to overcome barriers to collaboration.

Washington, DC |

Training For Change

Organization Description: : Training for Change (TFC) is a non-profit organization that has worked for the past twelve years to build a global pool of progressive activists and organizations equipped to promote social justice, peace, democracy, human rights, and environmental harmony. We carry out this vision by using and propagating a set of educational tools - participatory learning and the engagement of the margins in every group - which in themselves embody the values of justice, equality, and empowerment.

Grant Purpose Description: Training for Change submits this letter of intent to request $15,000 from the Threshold Foundation for project support of the Global South Training Project for Third-Party Nonviolent Intervention. Through this project, we will train a new cohort of trainers from the Global South to increase the number of nonviolence trainers from Global South countries. The Project is ideally suited for the Foundation's Coexistence and Community Initiative, since it will train leaders to respond effectively to oppression and violence, build local capacity of civil society in Global South countries, and help overcome cultural and racial barriers that often cause internal division within social justice movements.

Philadelphia, PA |

Triangle Speakers

Organization Description: Triangle Speakers' mission is to create a safe and healthy community for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender/Transsexual people (GLBT) in Santa Cruz County, California. Its four primary program components are a speakers bureau, a special Latino/a Outreach Project, providing direct support for GLBT youth, and working in collaboration to ensure "safe schools".

Grant Purpose Description: Triangle Speakers is seeking a grant of $5,000 to support its Latino/a Outreach Project (LOP). The project's objectives are outreach, direct support of Latino/a youth and adults, training volunteer speakers, and organizing bilingual/bicultural and monolingual Spanish speaker panels to address the county's Latino/a population. The grant will partially fund the salary of the Latino Outreach Project Coordinator.

Santa Cruz, CA |

New Visions for Culture and Society Committee
Total Grants $178,000


6X Group at California Institute of Integral Studies

Organization Description: The 6X Group is a group of students, faculty, and associates of the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) community focused on the issue of the 6th Extinction of the Species crisis.

Grant Purpose Description: The grant would support the production of a digital broadcast-quality one-hour video documentary to be widely distributed on DVD as well as through an associated website. The DVD and website would then become the core of our high school science curriculum program and also be used to help seek funding for a feature film.

San Francisco, CA |

Buckminster Fuller Institute

Organization Description: The Buckminster Fuller Insitute serves a global network of Design Science Innovators, inspired by the pioneering legacy of R. Buckminster Fuller. BFI acts as a catalyst, facilitator and resource for networking, learning,and pioneering whole systems design.

Grant Purpose Description: BFI seeks

$50,000 to fund the first phase build-out of a gaming engine prototype for our new program, Spaceship Earth: The Game. BFI has just received a $25,000 grant for the initial Design planning session. This planning session - scheduled for Q1, 2005 - will produce the design spec necessary to build a game engine prototype enabling Phase 2 funding procurement.

Brooklyn, NY |

Center for Health and the Global Environment, Harvard Medical School

Organization Description: The Center studies and promotes an understanding of the human health consequences of environmental change among policy-makers, physicians, and the general public so that they become informed and effective advocates for environmental protection. The Center reaches people in concrete, personal terms, making the strongest case that human beings are an intimate part of the environment; we cannot damage it without damaging ourselves.

Grant Purpose Description: Two components will be developed: an introductory film and a robust interactive "geo-story. A stand-alone CD will also be produced to accompany Center educational outreach materials. The presentation will be powered by EARTHscope(tm), an innovative Flash based presentation tool developed by the Buckminster Fuller Institute (BFI) to display "interactive geo-stories about the state of the Earth, our communities, and possible futures".

Boston, MA |

Chapel of Sacred Mirrors

Organization Description: Foundation for the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, Ltd, is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that was founded by a group of people who believe that art can assist in the transformation of individuals and the world. CoSM is the newly opened (September 2004) exhibition space for the Sacred Mirrors and other works of contemporary sacred art.

Grant Purpose Description: We seek funding from Threshold Foundation to assist with general operating expenses. A grant of $20,000 from Threshold Foundation would assist CoSM in paying staff and utility costs as we emerge in our new location and initiate program offerings.

New York City, NY |

Natural World Museum/Planet Art

Organization Description: The Planet Art Program is a recent collaboration of artists, educators and technologists in partnership with the Natural World Museum, which is dedicated to creativity, awareness and conservation of the natural world, and Dr. Jane Goodall's Roots and Shoots, a global youth environmental education program with a model of service learning for the development of community knowledge, compassion and action. Grant Purpose Description: This funding represents one-third of our overall project budget going towards developing 'how-to' educational curriculum, strengthening teacher and student outreach, funding artistic development and puppetry design, and technology application development and implementation.

San Francisco, CA |

Praxis Peace Institute

Organization Description: Praxis Peace Institute is a non-profit 501 - (3) peace education organization dedicated to radical inquiry, deep dialogue, creative problem solving, and informed action. Praxis has produced numerous educational inquiries, training programs, and three week-long conferences. We initiate in-depth inquiries and promote peace through conflict transformation, respect, and responsible civic participation. Praxis integrates spiritual vision with active citizenship.

Grant Purpose Description: Grant funds will be used to initiate research, pay honorariums to forum speakers, hosts and authors of white papers, and offer forum and conference scholarships. We will also upgrade our website and make all Praxis research available online. We will transcribe much of our research that has already been completed and use a portion of the funds for administration.

Sonoma, CA |

Sustainable Nations Development Project

Organization Description: Sustainable Nations is an emerging organization which is also an activity of the Seventh Generation Fund Our mission is "To promote the sovereignty, environmental health, and cultural health of Indigenous Nations through community-based appropriate technology development work."

Grant Purpose Description: We are requesting $25,000 in general support funding for an intensive two week long training of 20-30 Indigenous people in renewable energy systems, sustainable building with an emphasis on straw bale construction, and alternative wastewater treatment techniques. Business development and training is a focus, with multi-year follow up business development support provided to training participants. A documentary film will also be made of the training and will be distributed throughout Native America. Sustainable Nations is an Indigenous people's led and staffed organization.

Trinidad, CA |

The $10 Club

Organization Description: The $10 Club empowers people to assist in the alleviation of global poverty and the conditions that create such dire situations for the neediest among us. Members contribute ten dollars each month, which is bundled together and used to fund a project in a developing country. Together we make a significant, tangible difference to those suffering globally.

Grant Purpose Description: Funds will be used for domain name, web site and email, and web design; publications printing including a general brochure and an annual report; bank fees in the form of wire transfer costs; advertising in magazines geared toward expanding membership; and membership database software.

Washington, DC |

The Wildlands Project

Organization Description: The Wildlands Project believes that in order to combat the extinction crisis, conservation efforts must expand from islands to networks, consisting of core protected areas tied together with wildlife movement linkages and sustained by vibrant, healthy, human communities. We work towards this goal through education, advocacy, and cooperation with many partners in Canada, the United States, and Mexico.

Grant Purpose Description: In 2005 the Wildlands Project will work to educate and inform a broad cross section of the North American public on the global extinction crisis through a new and innovative partnership with the American Zoo and Aquarium Association (AZA). Grant funds will be used to cover staff time, travel expenses, and promotional materials associated with this effort.

Richmond, VT |

Policy and Systemic Change Committee
Total Grants $174,000


Appalachian Center for the Economy and the Environment

Organization Description: The Center is a regional environmental law and policy organization dedicated to protecting the Appalachian environment and to promoting positive alternatives to the destructive resource-extraction-driven economy that has dominated the region. Working with individual and community partners we promote systemic change in the implementation of environmental law and advocate for a sustainable, environmentally responsible economy.

Grant Purpose Description: The Appalachian Center seeks $25,000 to support our efforts to assist individuals and Central Appalachian coalfield communities struggling to defeat two specific challenges to the Clean Water Act and the Surface Mining Act that threaten their homes and their very lives. This battle will determine the future of the region's communities and resources.

Lewisburg, WV |

Asia Pacific Environmental Exchange

Organization Description: APEX is devoted to promoting ecosystem health and ecological economics and to halting the globalization of unsustainable economic policies. Focusing on the vital areas of toxics, forests, fisheries and global trade policy, we achieve our goals through organization, education and advocacy.

Grant Purpose Description: The requested funds will support the work of the Basel Action Network (BAN) project and its unique work in promoting global environmental justice. The work will support BAN's 4 multilateral campaigns operating both globally and domestifally and its clearing house for activists, journalists, governmental officals, and academics around the world.

Seattle, WA | ;

Bill of Rights Defense Committee, Inc.

Organization Description: The Bill of Rights Defense Committee formed in November 2001 to provide tools, strategies, and direct assistance to individuals and groups nationwide to channel people's fears about the effects of the USA PATRIOT Act, detentions, and other post-9/11 assaults on civil liberties into a nonpartisan national grassroots movement composed of local and state-wide coalitions.

Grant Purpose Description: Operating expenses to continue building and supporting our network of community-based organizations to hold government accountable for ensuring civil liberties for all, and for guaranteeing that legislation complies with the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Northampton, MA |

Center for Media and Democracy

Organization Description: The Center for Media and Democracy remains the only U.S. organization dedicated to investigating and exposing deceptive public relations and propaganda campaigns and strengthening public interest reporting, as reflected in our mission statement:The Center for Media and Democracy works to strengthen democracy by promoting media that are "of, by and for the people" - genuinely informative and broadly participatory - and by removing the barriers and distortions of the modern information environment that stem from government- or corporate-dominated, hierarchical media.

Grant Purpose Description: The Center for Media and Democracy requests $25,000 in general support funding or Fiscal Year 2005. A smaller grant than this amount would still be useful and appreciated

Madison, WI |

Ella Baker Center for Human Rights

Organization Description: The Ella Baker Center for Human Rights (EBC) is an award-winning human rights organization that exposes and challenges the abuses of the U.S. punishment industry and promotes community-based solutions that lead to safe and healthy communities.

Grant Purpose Description: Funds would be used to support the community education, media advocacy, grassroots organizing and policy advocacy efforts of the Books Not Bars Alternatives for Youth campaign.

Oakland, CA |

Families United for Racial and Economic Equality (FUREE)

Organization Description: Based in Brooklyn, FUREE is a membership organization that is organizing to build power so that low-income families can change policyin order win permanent exits from poverty. FUREE has a base of several hundred families, almost all of whom are headed by women of color. Many of our members have experience with public assistance. The organization is led by our members, who are the real experts on the policies that affect low-income families.

Grant Purpose Description: For general support of our organizing work to build a base of low-income women of color who can lead successful campaigns to win systemic policy changes so that low-income families can permanently exit poverty, and our work to strengthen FUREE as we become an independent organization so that our infrastructure and membership base are sufficient to sustain our activities.

Brooklyn, NY |

Global Justice Ecology Project

Organization Description: Our three programs (Connecting The Dots: Bridging Global Justice and Ecology Program, GE Trees Program, and Grassroots Social Change Photography Program) advance global justice and ecological awareness by identifying issues, creating strategies, organizing campaigns, building alliances and disseminating photographic images that demonstrate the interconnections between the social and the ecological, promoting a crucial holistic analysis that unifies and strengthens movements.

Grant Purpose Description: GJEP will use the funds to advance our alliance building with indigenous and forest dwelling communities in the US and around the world that are likely to be impacted by the development of genetically engineered tree plantations; to meet with NGOs, activists and indigenous groups to create and implement strategies to stop these plantations.

Hinesburg, VT |

Grassroots Policy Project

Organization Description: GPP works with organizations to help develop a coherent progressive movement or infrastructure, with a shared worldview and strategic goals. We work mainly with two regional centers, the Midwest States Center and Northeast Action, and their statewide affiliates, on strategy: how build deeper ties among organizations in the state, and on how to develop a shared progressive worldview.

Grant Purpose Description: We are working with three regional centers and 11 state groups on this project. We are doing a scanning memo now on their current work, in particular how they are framing health care and tax issues. We have started doing national and regional workshops on this, with a training manual. We will work with staff for the year on their campaigns.

Washington, DC |

Maryland Justice Coalition

Organization Description: The Maryland Justice Coalition is statewide coalition of individuals and organizations who use education, organizing and advocacy to systemically reform Maryland's criminal justice system.

Grant Purpose Description: MJC will use these funds to wage Year 3 of the Treat Not Jail Campaign. In Year 3, MJC will push for reforms to Maryland's parole and probation practices as they relate to nonviolent drug offenders to greatly reduce the number of offenders being sent back to prison for technical parole violations.

Baltimore, MD |

Stop Prisoner Rape

Organization Description: Stop Prisoner Rape (SPR) seeks to end sexual violence against men, women, and youth in all forms of detention. SPR has three goals for its work: to push for policies that ensure institutional accountability, to change society's attitudes toward prisoner rape, and to promote access to resources for survivors of sexual assault behind bars.

Grant Purpose Description: Funds from the Threshold Foundation will be strictly used for the following Federal Systemic Change Campaign expenses: (1) Personnel, including benefits and taxes; (2) Travel; (3) SPR's website and listserv; (4) Postage and phone.

Los Angeles, CA |

The Western Land Exchange Project

Organization Description: The Western Land Exchange Project conducts advocacy toward federal land exchange policy reform to uphold the public interest and environmental laws. We monitor land transactions between federal agencies and private parties with a network of community groups throughout the US and help them protect their local ecosystems and involve themselves effectively in decisions regarding the exchange of public lands.

Grant Purpose Description: To continue our advocacy for openness and access to federal land exchange decisions. To continue to work with the more than 40 community and activist groups who have become part of our ever-enlarging network in day lighting the processes by which land trades are being executed. To stop the expropriation of public lands and resources by corporate interests.

Seattle, WA |

Spcial Initiative Committee: Strategic Media
Total Grants $195,000


Champaign-Urbana Community Wireless Network (CUWiN)

Organization Description: CUWiN's three-part mission is to: connect more people to Internet and broadband services; develop open-source hardware and software for use by wireless projects world-wide; and, build and support community-owned, not-for-profit broadband networks in cities and towns around the globe.

Grant Purpose Description: Within the next year this initiative will build and develop the software and infrastructure for a prototype community wireless intranet (like a LAN covering an entire geographical location); host the second National Summit for Community Wireless Networking (and bring together wireless policy advocates, technical developers, and implementers); and create the first-ever, one-week long Community Wireless Network "barnraising."

Urbana, IL |

Independent Media Institute – AlterNet

Organization Description: AlterNet is a program of the Independent Media Institute (IMI), a nonprofit organization which empowers people with independent journalism, information, and media tools. IMI is dedicated to strengthening and supporting independent journalism, and to improving the public's access to independent information sources. We believe democracy is enhanced and public debate broadened when more voices are heard and more points of view are made available.

Grant Purpose Description: The Echo Project is designed to address fundamental challenges in our media system, in unique and innovative ways. It will address the need to create a sustained, progressive echoing machine to communicate effectively, advocate social change and promote progressive values, using a range of technologies, including rapid response web sites, RSS feeds, blogs, advocacy advertising, viral marketing and more.

San Francisco, CA |

Media Access Project

Organization Description: Media Access Project (MAP) is a non-profit, public interest law firm dedicated to providing a voice for the public interest in media and telecommunications policy.

Grant Purpose Description: MAP seeks assistance to support its work in the areas of reforming media ownership to prevent further consolidation and promote diversity of ownership and diversity of content, promoting community wireless networks and other forms of direct citizen access to the public airewaves, require open access to broadband internet platforms, and create new opportunities for low-power FM radio applications.

Washington, DC |

Media Tank

Organization Description: Media Tank works to provide communities with tools to understand and participate in critical decisions about our nation's media system and culture. Our community education and national organizing bring together media arts, education and activism in new ways to broaden the movement for media justice and reform as a key strategy for social change.

Grant Purpose Description: Media Tank is requesting funds for general operations and capacity building. These funds will allow us to increase program impact and visibility, expand our staff and board, and strengthen organizational infrastructure to become a more effective catalyst for media awareness and change. Our program work this next year consists of media education, grassroots organizing and movement building.

Philadelphia, PA |

Media Venture Collective

Organization Description: Media Venture Collective is a new approach to financial mobilization, comparable to a community foundation that thinks like a venture fund. It is a fund of the Rudolf Steiner Foundation, in partnership with a super-group of activist organizations, focused on aggregating tax-deductible donations and grants, small and large, into "program-related investments" in high-impact, public-interest media enterprises.

Grant Purpose Description: An innovation on democracy, and on Threshold's model: a meritocratic social network of a few hundred to a few thousand participants is built, using an email-driven system, wherein participants grant proxies to those they most respect. It is used to collectively decide on the best media projects to invest in, chosen from an online, open-to-all submission system.

Mill Valley, CA |

Prometheus Radio Project

Organization Description: Prometheus Radio Project was founded by activists to create a more democratic radio dial by providing a new means for groups to express concerns within their communities. We brought about the low power radio service by motivating thousands of potential listeners and programmers to contact the FCC. Since then we have helped hundreds of stations take to the air.

Grant Purpose Description: 1) Expansion of ongoing radio barnraising efforts to help community organizations that have acquired licenses to get their new stations on the air. 2) The creation of a pilot Northwest Community Radio Network with a primary goal of arranging mentored guidance, training, and support to new low power radio stations while creating lasting networking tools for community radio stations.

Philadelphia, PA |

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