Threshold Foundation 2006 Grants List

Environmental Justice Committee
Total Grants $227,040


Amazon Watch

Organization Description: The mission of Amazon Watch is to partner with South American indigenous/environmental NGO's to protect Amazonian ecosystems and indigenous lands threatened by internationally financed industrial mega-projects (oil/gas pipelines, dams, highways, waterways).

Grant Purpose Description: For work with the Shuar and Achuar communities in Ecuador and Peru to: 1) Keep oil companies out of millions of acres of roadless and pristine rainforest territories; 2) Advance indigenous proposals for the permanent protection of their lands; and 3) Win stronger environmental and social safeguard policies from Burlington Resources and Occidental Petroleum, which are leading oil industry actors in the Andean-Amazon region.

San Francisco, CA |

Borneo Project

Organization Description: Borneo Project works directly with indigenous communities and their allies in Sarawak and Sabah, Malaysian Borneo, to support native land rights, conservation, and sustainable forest management in lowland diptercarp rainforests, one of the world's most endangered ecosystems.

Grant Purpose Description: For Borneo Project's Rumah Nor Legal Aid Fund. The upcoming federal appeal of 'Nor Anak Nyawai v. Borneo Pulp Plantation' (aka 'Rumah Nor case') will be the most critical, precedent-setting native land rights court case of Sarawak, Malaysia. The court's ruling will determine the fate of the forests and rights for cultural survival for hundreds of native communities across Borneo.

Berkeley, CA |

Circumpolar Conservation Union

Organization Description: Circumpolar Conservation Union (CCU) is dedicated to protecting the ecological and cultural integrity of the Arctic for present and future generations. It works to promote understanding and cooperation among Arctic indigenous peoples, environmental organizations, and other diverse interests, to raise public awareness of and build a global constituency for the Arctic, and to advocate on behalf of environmental protection, sustainability, and human rights to achieve a comprehensive legal and policy regime for the Arctic.

Grant Purpose Description: General Support

Washington, DC |

Citizens for Safe Water Around Badger

Organization Description: Citizens for Safe Water Around Badger (CSWAB) works to mobilize and empower rural communities near Wisconsin's Badger Army Ammunition Plant in support of a sustainable future that will protect and restore the integrity of soil, water, air and biological diversity.

Grant Purpose Description: For the National Grassroots Campaign to Stop Open Burning of PCBs. The campaign will protect the health and environment of adults and children by stopping a proposal to exempt the U.S. military from federal laws that prohibit the open burning PCB (Polychlorinated Biphenols) concentrations greater than 50 parts per million (ppm). The project will mobilize national grassroots opposition to the open burning of PCBs at Badger Army Ammunition Plant, a proposal that if approved by the EPA, will set a national precedent.

Merrimac, WI |

Defensa y Conservación Ecológica de Intag

Organization Description: Defensa y Conservación Ecológica de Intag (DECOIN) works to involve local people in environmental conservation measures and to stop extractive industry projects (mining), promote sustainable economic alternatives, and to educate the local population on the importance of natural resource conservation.

Grant Purpose Description: For collaborative work with Periodico INTAG on mining threats in the Intag region.

Otavalo-Imbabura, ECUADOR

EarthRights International

Organization Description: Earth Rights International (ERI) was founded as a non-governmental, nonprofit that combines the power of law and the power of people to protect human rights and the environment. It has four areas it focuses on to meet its goals to link human rights and environmental movements: to investigate, monitor, and expose human rights and environmental abuses occurring in the name of development; to increase transparency and accountability of governments, transitional corporations, and international financial institutions; to protect individuals and communities at work defending the earth; and to ensure biodiversity, conservation and ecological integrity.

Grant Purpose Description: For the Southeast Asia Office's Burma Project and for EarthRights Schools and Alumni Programs in Burma and Mekong. ERI will use funds from the Threshold Foundation to implement fact-finding missions to hold multinational corporations accountable for their actions, to build the capacity of local community leaders to effectively address human rights violations and environmental harms in their communities, and to provide long-term technical and programmatic assistance to EarthRights School alumni. Previous water development and resource extraction projects in Southeast Asia have suffered from a severe lack of transparency and a lack of participation by affected local and indigenous people.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Global Community Monitor

Organization Description: Global Community Monitor (GCM), a project of the Tides Center, was founded in 2001 to train and support communities in the US and abroad in the use of environmental monitoring tools to understand the impact of fossil fuel industry pollution on their health and the environment. GCM is an incubator for community-based groups to develop the skills, expertise, and experience to win their demands around environmental health and human rights. It plays a critical role in linking communities from different parts of the world. In a time when corporations have extended their global reach, its work builds global grassroots coalitions and shares successful strategies and techniques to win accountability from corporations.

Grant Purpose Description: General Support

San Francisco, CA |

Global Response

Organization Description: The mission of Global Response is to empower people of all ages, cultures, and nationalities to protect the environment by creating partnerships for effective citizen action. At the request of indigenous peoples and grassroots organizations, Global Response organizes urgent international letter campaigns to help communities prevent many kinds of environmental destruction. Global Response involves young people as well as adults in these campaigns to develop in them the values and skills for global citizen cooperation and earth stewardship.

Grant Purpose Description: General Support

Boulder, CO |

Rainforest Information Centre

Organization Description: Rainforest Information Centre (RIC) is a volunteer organization dedicated to the protection of the Earth's remaining rainforests and the indigenous people who depend on them. RIC was born out of the successful struggle to save the sub-tropical rainforests of New South Wales, Australia in the early 1980s. Since then RIC continues campaigns and projects which protect rainforests and at the same time recognize the legitimate development aspirations of rainforest peoples.

Grant Purpose Description: For the Small Grants Fund. Since 1990, RIC Small Grants Fund (RSGF) has disbursed some $300,000 in small grants to cutting-edge NGO's and individuals in scores of countries. Its network of volunteer advisors and monitors allows it to do this with great effectiveness and a minimum of overheads. There is little red tape allowing RIC to be able to respond to emergency requests.

Lismore |

Taos Land Trust

Organization Description: Taos Land Trust works with residents throughout Northern New Mexico to protect family lands through permanent conservation easements, partnering with other organizations to secure public land acquisitions, and working on long-rang land use planning. Recognizing the integral connection between biological diversity and cultural diversity, it works to protect both the land and land-based tradition in northern New Mexico.

Grant Purpose Description: General Support

Taos, NM |

The Maquila Project

Organization Description: The Maquila Project is a community outreach campaign designed around the documentary film Maquilopolis. Maquilopolis is a documentary about and by workers in Tijuana's assembly factories, the maquiladoras. The project is a collaboration between filmmaker Vicky Funari, artist Sergio De La Torre, and Tijuana women's organization Grupo Factor X, with the participation of the human rights organization Global Exchange. It is an educational tool for organizers addressing three key social change issues associated with globalization: environmental degradation, labor rights and human rights.

Grant Purpose Description: To implement an outreach campaign and continue building strategic alliances with national and bi-national organizations along the US/Mexico border, that will in turn provide the campaign with access to existing networks and audiences concerned with issues raised in the film. Collectively, these grassroots distribution initiatives will support social change organizing by providing a powerful media tool for educating audiences about both the positive and negative effects of globalization, stimulating community action on local issues, and strengthening the network of activists working towards just environmental and trade policies worldwide.

Vallejo, CA|

Hollyhock Leadership Institute

Organization Description: The Hollyhock Leadership Institute is founded on the premise that environmental and social change organizations will succeed in their mission through skilled and inspired leadership. The educational programs of the Institute build that leadership with training and strategic support for individuals. It serves people from social justice and environmental organizations, First Nations, community and non-profit groups, and social entrepreneurs. The Hollyhock Leadership Institute is a project of the Sage Foundation, Vancouver, B.C.

Grant Purpose Description: For the project Supporting Environmental Justice for British Columbia's First Nations. The project purpose is to catalyze the environmental justice dialogue in the environmental movement British Columbia, Canada; to build stronger alliances between ENGOs and First Nations; and to develop the skills of key British Columbia First Nations communities and leaders to enable them to advocate more effectively with forestry, mining, and oil corporations developing in their traditional territories. Funds will be used to develop a series of stand-alone and modular diversity trainings for the environmental movement in BC, to launch a First Nations Environmental Leadership Initiative, and to support capacity-building through offering skills and leadership training to First Nations communities experiencing heavy resource development pressure.

Vancouver, BC, CANADA |

New Visions Committee
Total Grants $208,274


California Institute of Integral Studies

Organization Description: California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) is an independent graduate school integrating the intellectual and spiritual insights of Western and Eastern traditions in study and practice. The Institute is an accredited institution of higher learning and research that strives to embody spirit, intellect, and wisdom in service to individuals, communities, and the Earth. In particular, the 6X Group is a group of students, faculty, and associates of CIIS community focused on the issue of the 6th Extinction of the Species crisis.

Grant Purpose Description: 6X Film Production and Interviews. The film is a digital broadcast-quality one-hour video documentary to be widely distributed on DVD as well as through an associated website. The DVD and website will become the core of a high school science curriculum program and also be used to help seek funding for a feature film.

San Francisco, CA |

Foundation for the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors

Organization Description: Foundation for the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, Ltd, is a non-profit organization that was founded by a group of people who believe that art can assist in the transformation of individuals and the world. The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors provides a permanent exhibition of the most widely appreciated works of transformative art encouraging the spiritual awakening of each individual. CoSM is the newly opened exhibition space for the Sacred Mirrors and other works of contemporary sacred art.

Grant Purpose Description: General Support.

New York, NY |

Natural World Museum

Organization Description: Natural World Museum collects and exhibits art that depicts the world of nature for the enjoyment and enlightenment of its visitors and educates the public about wildlife preservation, habitat protection, and conservation. The Planet Art Program is a recent collaboration of artists, educators and technologists in partnership with the Natural World Museum, which is dedicated to creativity, awareness and conservation of the natural world, and Dr. Jane Goodall's Roots and Shoots, a global youth environmental education program with a model of service learning for the development of community knowledge, compassion and action.

Grant Purpose Description: For work with children through large puppets and the Council of Species Global Theater.

San Francisco, CA |

Praxis Peace Institute

Organization Description: Praxis Peace Institute is a nonprofit peace education organization dedicated to radical inquiry, deep dialogue, creative problem solving, and informed action. Praxis has produced numerous educational inquiries, training programs, and three week-long conferences. It initiates in-depth inquiries and promotes peace through conflict transformation, respect, and responsible civic participation. Praxis integrates spiritual vision with active citizenship.

Grant Purpose Description: The Praxis Think Tank and the Initiative to Avert Mass Extinction Roundtable Convening.

Sonoma, CA |

Sustainable Nations Development Project

Organization Description: Sustainable Nations Development Project is a Native-led and staffed collaborative organization whose mission is to promote the sovereignty, environmental health, and cultural health of Indigenous Nations through community-based appropriate technology development work. Development, particularly with regard to energy and housing, is a very important and sensitive topic in the Native American community. Tribal land provides much of the energy and water resources to the American electrical supply, while tribal citizens pay among the highest electricity rates in the country, have the highest percentage of homes without electricity, and have the least control over the quality of electric service. No other group of Americans has suffered more from development in terms of pollution from power plants, acid drainage from coal mining, radioactive waste, and lost homelands flooded for large federal hydroelectric dams.

Grant Purpose Description: General Support.

Trinidad, CA |

The $10 Club

Organization Description: The $10 Club empowers people to assist in the alleviation of global poverty and the conditions that create such dire situations for the neediest among us. Members contribute ten dollars each month, which is bundled together and used to fund a project in a developing country. Together, people can make a significant, tangible difference to those suffering globally.

Grant Purpose Description: General Support.

Washington, DC |

Triskeles Foundation

Organization Description: The mision of Triskeles Foundation is to serve and support progressive social, educational and philanthropic initiatives.

Grant Purpose Description: For the Spirit of Philanthropy Fund's Catalyzing Conscious Philanthropy project work wiith AYA Partners. The Triskeles Foundation creates, co-hosts and supports special projects and programs, workshops, retreats, conferences, and educational opportunities for enhancing the understanding of the deeper significance of money, and wealth while addressing personal motivation, idealism and skills for practical applications toward effective philanthropy.

Glenmoore, PA |

Wildlands Project

Organization Description: Wildlands Project (WP) is a nonprofit organization that represents conservation biologists and citizen conservation activists devoted to developing a North American Wilderness Recovery Strategy. Its mission is to protect and restore the natural heritage of North America through the establishment of a connected system of wildlands. In May of 2001, after ten years of collaboration, WP merged with Wild Earth Society to more effectively work to shape and positively define the focus of the conservation community.

Grant Purpose Description: For the Mapping Species Connectivity project.

Richmond, VT |

Policy and Systemic Change Committee
Grants $209,700


Alliance for Sustainable Colorado

Organization Description: The mission of Alliance for Sustainable Colorado is to achieve environmental, economic and social sustainability in Colorado through building broad support among individuals, nonprofit organizations, businesses and government. The Alliance facilitates relationships and common goals and agendas among individuals, nonprofit organizations, businesses and government to unify support behind jointly backed policy initiatives that consider long-term impacts. It provides the nucleus for a statewide sustainability movement for Colorado and a model for sustainability movements in other states.

Grant Purpose Description: For program development and laying the groundwork for a major capital campaign.

Denver, CO |

Arizona Advocacy Network

Organization Description: Arizona Advocacy Network is a statewide progressive coalition working for economic security, environmental protection and social justice by making political power accessible to all Arizonans, regardless of socio-economic conditions, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity or geography

Grant Purpose Description: For the Ballot Access Project, a four part program to enhance Clean Elections, electoral participation and electoral justice in Arizona.

Phoenix, AZ

Center for Political Accountability

Organization Description: Center for Political Accountability is mounting the first sustained campaign to bring transparency and accountability to corporate political spending and change company political behavior. Currently, companies are not required to disclose their political spending. As a result of the Center's efforts, companies are beginning to disclose and require board oversight of their political contributions and recognize that their contributions can have serious consequences.

Grant Purpose Description: General Support.

Washington, DC |

Columbus Institute for Contemporary Journalism

Organization Description: Columbus Institute for Contemporary Journalism is dedicated to promoting media independence through alternative and diverse voices. Its outlets are the internet, a bimonthly journal, book publishing, radio programs and video production.

Grant Purpose Description: For the Election Protection Project: to establish an online digital repository of election-related material, create an online progressive think tank tentatively called the Global Issues Institute, produce a documentary video on election issues, publish books on election fraud and tour the midwest and east coast with these projects.

Columbus, OH |


Organization Description: CorpWatch counters corporate-led globalization through education and activism. It works to foster democratic control over corporations by building a diverse movement for human rights, labor rights, and environmental justice. Its core projects include:, an internet gateway for progressive information; Climate Justice Project, mobilizing communities adversely affected by the fossil fuel industry; The UN and Corporations Project, exposing and monitoring the UN's corporate partnerships and advocating for the UN to be a counterbalance against corporate-driven globalization; and The India Resource Center, supporting movement against corporate-led globalization in India by amplifying voices with a public education website.

Grant Purpose Description: General Support.

Oakland, CA |

Greater Edwards Aquifer Alliance

Organization Description: The Greater Edwards Aquifer Alliance unites twenty-four organizations behind a comprehensive plan to protect the Edwards Aquifer and its contributing watersheds, the sole source of water for 1.7 million people in South Texas. Its goal is to provide a recognized and respected voice and the tools and policies needed to sustain the Edwards Aquifer and preserve the Texas Hill Country.

Grant Purpose Description: General Support.

San Antonio, TX |

League of Independent Voters

Organization Description: League of Independent Voters organizes 17-35 year olds to build a progressive governing majority in their lifetime. It develops leaders and builds political power to fight for public policies which reflect their core values: peace, freedom, family, equality, good jobs, and sustainable development. League of Young Voters seeks to build a progressive governing majority in our lifetime. It runs three major programs: 1) State-based permanent field 2) Online tools for local organizing and 3) Alliance-building and voterization support.

Grant Purpose Description: For the Electoral Reform Advocacy project.

New York, NY |

Money in Politics Research Action Project

Organization Description: The goals of Money in Politics Research Action Project's (MiPRAP) are to increase access, accountability, and participation in politics. Its follow-the-money research is an action-oriented resource for progressive allies. MiPRAP is Oregon's progressive voice on democracy reforms, particularly clean money campaign finance reform.

Grant Purpose Description: General Support.

Portland, OR |

Verified Voting Foundation

Organization Description: Verified Voting Foundation (VVF) is a nonpartisan nonprofit organization championing transparent, reliable and publicly verifiable elections. Its goal is to enable voters to have unqualified and justified confidence in election results.

Grant Purpose Description: For the Transparent Election Project. This project is to observe in detail the conduct of elections in one or more jurisdictions in 2006. The goal is to benchmark the observed election practices against best practices that we will develop in collaboration with an interdisciplinary team of academics and election officials.

Redwood City, CA |

Voter Action

Organization Description: Voter Action is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing financial, legal, research and logistical support for grassroots efforts with the goal of ensuring the integrity of elections in the United States. A lawsuit was filed in state court on January 14, 2005. The primary purpose of this action is to obtain a permanent injunction against use of the voting machines that have been linked to the problems in the 2004 general election.

Grant Purpose Description: For Voter Action New Mexico. Voter Action New Mexico is seeking to obtain a permanent injunction against the voting machines that have been directly linked to problems and errors. Additionally, it seeks to create a template to support this type of work in other states. It hopes to use these efforts to make issues surrounding vote tabulation and recording as well as the privatization of those processes part of the national discussion on democratizing elections. Funding will go towards: 1. PR and outreach campaign, 2. create a structure to enable to share findings from lawsuit, 3. create a template for future research and citizen oversight, and 4. create a structure in which to provide legal advisory on this issue.

Seattle, WA |

Western Lands Project

Organization Description: Western Land Exchange Project conducts advocacy toward federal land exchange policy reform to uphold the public interest and environmental laws. It monitors land transactions between federal agencies and private parties with a network of community groups throughout the U.S. and helps them protect their local ecosystems and involve themselves effectively in decisions regarding the exchange of public lands.

Grant Purpose Description: General Support.

Seattle, WA |

Strategic Media Committee
Total Grants $180,200


Future of Music Coalition

Organization Description: Future of Music Coaltion is a national nonprofit education, research, and advocacy organization that identifies, examines and translates the challenging issues at the intersection of music, law, technology and policy.

Grant Purpose Description: General Support.

Washington, DC |

Media Alliance

Organization Description: Media Alliance is a 29-year-old media resource and advocacy center for media workers, social justice advocates, and community-based organizations representing historically marginalized communities. It is a leader and grassroots innovator in the emergent movements for media reform and media justice.

Grant Purpose Description: For general support and the 'Internet 4 Everyone' project, an organizing and advocacy campaign for municipal Internet networks that can provide universal, low-cost, high-speed Internet access and usage by local communities. Few such municipal projects include a resourced digital divide component. I4E places this piece front and center, leveraging successful models and extensive relationships to seize this unique opportunity to truly bridge the digital divide.

Oakland, CA |

Office of Communication of the United Church of Christ, Inc.

Organization Description: Office of Communication of the United Church of Christ (OC, Inc.) was created in 1959 as an outgrowth of the United Church of Christ's historic commitment to civil rights. It was incorporated to safeguard the public interest in broadcasting, and to advocate for those that have been historically excluded from the media, especially people of color and women. Today, OC Inc. seeks to recreate the media policy landscape, recasting the dialogue from its present and insufficient market-based premise back to its roots: where the public interest is central to the conversation. It does this through national advocacy, collaborative legal action and grassroots organizing.

Grant Purpose Description: General Support.

Cleveland, OH |

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