Threshold Foundation 2009 Grants List

Democracy Committee
Total Grants $314,750

To save our democracy we must put citizens at the center of the problem solving. We must ask, “How corrupt has our system of government become?” “Why are Americans voting in such low numbers, especially low income people, the young, marginalized constituencies and the formerly incarcerated?” In 2009, the committee supported efforts to: ensure integrity in election processes and voting equipment; maintain sustained, bottom-up models of building electoral power in historically under-represented constituencies; limit the influence of big money special interests in governmental processes so that they do not enjoy favored status or unfair access to decision makers.


American Civil Liberties Union of Wisconsin

American Civil Liberties Union of Wisconsin (ACLU/WI) strives to protect and defend the civil liberties and civil rights of all Wisconsinites.

$20,000 – Restore the Vote WI Now coalition program
Milwaukee, WI |

Bus Project

Bus Project is an innovative vehicle for hands-on democracy which tours the country in a bus, mobilizing voters and hosting forums about candidates and policy issues.

$29,750 – grassroots organization building
Portland, OR |

Center for Political Accountability

Center for Political Accountability seeks to bring transparency and accountability to corporate political spending in order to end the pervasive secrecy that hides corporate political activity from shareholders and the public and to change corporate political behavior.

$20,000 – General Support
Washington, DC |

Election Defense Alliance / International Humanities Center

Election Defense Alliance (EDA) is building a national citizen movement to expose electoral fraud and establish electoral integrity, so that governments accountable to the people are legitimately elected. It seeks to replace privatized, computerized voting machines with voter-marked paper ballots, hand-counted by citizens in the precincts, in public view, so that elections are transparent and fully accountable to the voters.

$50,000 – general support for Election Defense Alliance
San Pablo, CA | illuminates the connection between money and politics. It shines a light on special interest campaign contributions and shows their related legislative outcomes, which leads to more informed constituents, increased responsiveness of legislators, and election reform. Its public, web-accessible database links campaign contributions to legislators' votes, exposing how money affects the specific issues relevant to peoples' lives.

$30,000 – General Support
Berkeley, CA |

Project On Government Oversight

Project On Government Oversight (POGO) is an independent nonprofit that investigates and exposes corruption and other misconduct in order to achieve a more accountable federal government.

$20,000 – Revolving Door Database
Washington, DC |

Southeast Regional Economic Justice Network

Southeast Regional Economic Justice Network (REJN) is a member-led, inter-generational network, comprised of 40 culturally, racially, and socially diverse organizations representing the working poor, who work on a variety of justice issues in the South. Formed to proactively respond to the downside of Globalization, REJN works to strengthen local organizing, collaborations, and civic engagement to better impact policies that promote prosperity and accountable governance.

$60,000 – General Support
Durham, NC |

Velvet Revolution

Velvet Revolution (VR) is a 501(c)4 organization founded five years ago for the purpose of providing a means for citizens and organizations to mobilize to create a clean, transparent and accountable government. Its major focus is exposing and correcting problems with electronic voting machines and their tabulators.

$50,000 – Election protection and government accountability work
Washington, DC |

Voter Action / International Humanities Center

Voter Action (VA) aims to protect an open and transparent election process in the United States. It supports the rights of all voters to cast their ballots in an independent manner and to have their votes accurately recorded and counted. VA seeks to reclaim elections for the public domain, controlled by voters and not by private interests.

$35,000 – Voter Action's Legal Advocacy Project
Seattle, WA |

Sustainable Planet Committee
Total Grants $321,600

How do we meet the needs of people now without compromising the needs of future generations? How do we bring all human activities into harmony with nature for the benefit of all beings? To face these questions, we must transform both human culture and technology to live within the physical limits of the local and global ecosystems. Most urgently, this implies protecting threatened ecosystems to preserve biodiversity and prevent extinction. This in turn will require addressing global ecological issues such as climate change, empowering local and indigenous communities and deploying new clean technologies.


1Sky Action Fund

1Sky Action Fund supports the work of its sister organization 1Sky Education Fund to build a diverse nationwide movement and convince the federal government to take bold action to tackle the climate crisis and harness the enormous economic opportunity of energy efficiency and the renewable energy economy as soon as possible.

$50,000 – Field Organizing
Takoma Park, MD |

Amazon Watch

The mission of Amazon Watch is to partner with South American indigenous/environmental NGO's to protect Amazonian ecosystems and indigenous lands threatened by internationally financed industrial mega-projects (oil/gas pipelines, dams, highways, waterways).

$36,600 – program to advance rainforest protection, indigenous rights, and climate stability in the Equadorian Amazon
San Francisco, CA |

American Community Gardening Association

American Community Gardening Association (ACGA) works with community-based organizations throughout the United States to help residents address local social, economic, and environmental issues by developing community gardens. Community gardening fosters social and environmental justice, improves health and nutrition, builds community and empowers residents, breaks down racial and ethnic barriers, and underlies sustainable food systems.

$16,000 – Growing Food Secure Communities
Columbus, OH |

Appalachian Center for the Economy and the Environment

Appalachian Center for the Economy and the Environment (ACEE) is a regional nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting the communities and natural resources of Appalachia and to developing a sustainable economy for the region. The Center provides legal representation and policy assistance to citizens and grassroots organizations.

$30,000 – General Support
Lewisburg, WV |

Bonobo Conservation Initiative

Bonobo Conservation Initiative (BCI) is dedicated to ensuring the survival of the bonobo (Pan paniscus) and its tropical forest habitat in the Congo Basin. By working with indigenous Congolese people through cooperative conservation and community development programs, as well as on the national and international levels, BCI is establishing new protected areas and leading efforts to safeguard bonobos wherever they are found.

$34,000 – Bonobo Peace Forest
Washington, DC |

Defensa y Conservación Ecológica de Intag

Defensa y Conservación Ecológica de Intag (DECOIN) works to involve local people in environmental conservation measures and to stop extractive industry projects (mining), promote sustainable economic alternatives, and to educate the local population on the importance of natural resource conservation.

$20,000 – Periodico Intag – DECOIN
Otavalo-Imbabura, Ecuador

Friends of the Earth

Friends of the Earth (FoE) is a national organization dedicated to protecting the planet from environmental disaster; preserving biological, cultural, and ethnic diversity; and empowering citizens to have an effective voice in decisions affecting their environment and their lives. FOE fosters partnerships with a broad range of non-governmental environmental groups on all continents.

$20,000 – General Support
Washington, DC |

Friends of the Earth Action

Friends of the Earth Action (FoE Action) provides extra political muscle on legislative battles to its sister organization, Friends of the Earth, which is part of a network of affiliates in over 70 nations. FoE Action not only fights for laws and lawmakers that will do the right thing on environmental issues, it also helps the public join in the political battle.

$25,000 – work to achieve US Legislation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
Washington, DC |

Global Cooling / Planetwork

Global Cooling is a nonprofit led by Dr. John Latham and other renowned scientists working to stall global warming by researching, developing, and rapidly deploying technology to increase the reflectivity of maritime clouds, thus cooling the planet and providing more time to develop and globally apply cleaner methods of meeting our population's energy needs.

$15,000 – General Support for Global Cooling
Boulder, CO |

Green For All

Green for All seeks to help build a green economy strong enough to lift people out of poverty. By advocating for a national commitment to job training, especially for people from disadvantages communities, Green For All fights both poverty and pollution at the same time.

$16,000 – General Support
Oakland, CA |

Project Seahorse Foundation for Marine Conservation

Project Seahorse Foundation is an interdisciplinary organization committed to the conservation of Philippines marine ecosystems through equitable sustainable use. It undertakes research and management initiatives for marine resources, within an ecosystem framework. It focuses on Danajon Bank region as it ecompasses critical Philippine conservation issues.

$14,000 – Work to initiate a World Heritage site for marine life and for coastal communities
Cebu City, Philippines |

Sustainable Connections

Sustainable Connections works with local, independently owned businesses that have the autonomy to make any transformational change in their business that they can imagine. It supports a community of innovators in green building, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy; independent businesses in town centers, and mentors a new breed of entrepreneurs that have designed their business with a sustainable vision.

$10,000 – General Support
Bellingham, WA |

Taxpayers for Common Sense

The mission of Taxpayers for Common Sense (TCS) is to expose and end wasteful and harmful spending in order to create a federal government that operates within its means.

$35,000 – General Support and Synthetic Fuels Program
Washington, DC |

Funding Circles

Arts Rising Funding Circle – Total Grants $95,500

The Arts Rising Funding Circle builds support and visibility for the field of Arts and Social Change. Projects funded use participatory arts, have high artistic quality and a clear strategy for social change.


1+1+1=ONE uses Arts Based Civic Transformation to empower individuals, communities, and societies in affecting positive social change. Two of its projects are: We Got Issues!, a women-led organization that encourages the voices of all women to be heard, and Next Wave of Women and Power, an international leadership development network designed for young women ages 18-40.

$16,000 – We Got Issues!
Brooklyn, NY |

Art In The Public Interest

Art in the Public Interest works to bring about recognition of the arts as part of a healthy culture in which the artist provides both intellectual nourishment and social benefit. It supports art that reflects not only a commitment to quality but a concern for the culture in which that work appears.

$22,000 – Community Arts Network
Saxapahaw, NC |


ArtCorps advances social change initiatives by promoting arts and culture as powerful tools to generate cooperative and sustainable work between development organizations and the communities they serve.

$20,500 – artist placements in Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador
Beverly, MA |

EcoArts Connections

EcoArts Connections brings together science, arts and other organizations to advance understanding of climate change and inspire the successful shift to a sustainable future.

$12,000 – capacity building and outreach
Boulder, CO |

Native Movement

Native Movement is a national non-profit organization that supports culturally based leadership development and sustainability programs in Alaska and Arizona, while inspiring and supporting young Indigenous leaders across North America. It provides sponsorship and technical support for Indigenous-led organizations and initiatives.

$10,000 – Black Sheep Art Collective
Flagstaff, AZ |

Toronto Playback Theatre

Toronto Playback Theatre is dedicated to listening to people's stories and transforming them spontaneously into theatre. Its mission is to provide organizations with dramatic, audience-interactive performances and programs that build trust, deepen dialogue and generate opportunities for personal and community development.

$15,000 – Urban Green: Finding Common Ground
Toronto, ON |

The Gulf South Allied Funders Funding Circle
Total Grants $152,300

The Gulf South Allied Funders Funding Circle is a donor initiative formed in response to the devastation by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Its objectives include:

• Generating at least three years of steady financial support from individual donors, donor communities and foundations, for equitable rebuilding of the Gulf South.

• Discussing the ongoing human rights violations in the region, and the ways in which the very personal tragedies of the people in the area have national implications.

• Building the ties between donor communities in order to strengthen our ability to work together strategically.

• Raising the capacity and visibility of the Twenty-First Century Foundation (21CF) — one of the few national and publicly endowed Black foundations in the United States.

• Facilitating positive changes in public policy.


Twenty First Century Foundation

Established in 1971, Twenty First Century Foundation is a national public foundation committed to providing resources for Black community social justice initiatives and leadership development. For 35 years, the Foundation has been supporting the civil rights, economic empowerment, and grassroots leadership of the African American community in the United States through its grantmaking and personalized donor services.

$152,300 – Gulf Coast Organizing, Advocacy, and Leadership Initiative
New York, NY |

International Permaculture Funding Circle
Total Grants $105,600

The International Permaculture Funding Circle funds strategic international permaculture projects that effectively address fundamental issues of international development. Its goal is to fund organizations and projects working to enhance eco-, bio-, and cultural diversity, while protecting indigenous cultures, food traditions, and habitats. Special consideration is given to projects working on generating seminal models for alternatives to conventional, international development paradigms.


Afristar Foundation

Afristar Foundation seeks to educate, train and engage the people of Southern Africa in the development of sustainable models for ecological human settlement and local economic development, such as sustainable villages, in ways that facilitate the ethics of care of people and care of the earth.

$15,000 – Marginalized Community Action Plan in sub-Saharan Africa
Johannesburg, South Africa |

Fambidzanai Permaculture Training Centre

Fambidzanai Permaculture Training Centre seeks to teach and demonstrate relevant skills and knowledge to restore people's confidence in their ability to produce off the land while still working creatively in harmony with nature.

$10,200 – work promoting sustainable permaculture
Harare Province, Zimbabwe |

Klein Karoo Sustainable Dryland Permaculture Project

Klein Karoo Sustainable Dryland Permaculture Project (KKSDPP) seeks to develop sustainable Dryland permaculture models for use in training, collaboration and for inspiring ecological human settlement in the African context.

$20,000 – development of a run-off catchment infrastructure
Western Cape, South Africa|

Rede Contra O Abuso De Menores

Rede Contra O Abuso De Menores (Rede CAME) is dedicated to mobilizing forces and synergies within the Mozambican society in order to fight all forms of child abuse through advocacy, education and sensitization, respecting child rights but rejecting any form of discrimination, especially in relation to gender and age.

$10,000 – permaculture program in Mahubo Primary School
Maputo, Mozambique|

Regional Schools and Colleges Permaculture Programme

Regional Schools and Colleges Permaculture Programme (ReSCOPE) provides technical support to partners working with schools and colleges to promote environmental management systems that are ecologically sustainable, socially just and economically viable

$20,000 – PLAN Africa Initiative
Blantyre, Malawi |

Schools Environmental Education and Development

Schools Environmental Education and Development (SEED) is building a school-driven movement that results in Permaculture being taught across all learning areas and results in learning environments being transformed into productive and inspiring places.

$15,000 – regional networking and design for Cape Flats Permaculture Institute
Kenilworth, South Africa |

Yehiwot Brehan Church of Ethiopia Development Organization

Yehiwot Brehan Church of Ethiopia Development Organization (YBCEDO) seeks to contribute to bringing a long-lasting change and improvement in the holistic life of the disadvantaged members of the community with more emphasis on children and women through integrated development programs with active community participation.

$15,400 – permaculture training and demonstration center
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

The Restorative Justice Funding Circle
Total Grants $148,300

The Restorative Justice Funding Circle promotes humane alternatives to the current modus operandi of American criminal justice. It supports efforts to (1) prevent imprisonment, particularly lengthy, Draconian sentences; (2) transform imprisonment from a period of suffering and debilitation into a period of healing, growth and empowerment, including victim-offender dialogue and reconciliation, spiritual and emotional healing, and vocational endowment; (3) diagnose and treat prisoners with mental health and/or substance abuse problems; (4) support prisoners’ families during and after incarceration; and (5) steward and mentor prisoners when they return home. In 2009, the Funding Circle focused on endeavors to transform, heal, motivate, and empower prisoners, all with the principal goal of reducing recidivism and uplifting the communities to which ex-prisoners return.


Direct Action for Rights and Equality

Direct Action for Rights and Equality (DARE) is a multi-racial and multi-issue grassroots organization of low-income families primarily headed by single mothers. It organizes neighborhood residents through house meetings, community outreach, membership meetings and committee participation, and mobilizes its constituency through direct issue campaigns.

$13,900 – Behind the Walls
Providence, RI |

Families and Friends of Louisiana’s Incarcerated Children

Families and Friends of Louisiana’s Incarcerated Children (FFLIC) is a statewide membership-based organization that fights for a better life for all of Louisiana’s youth, especially those involved in or targeted by the juvenile justice system. As mothers and fathers, grandparents, siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles and allies FFLIC believes in and implements a model of organizing that is people and community centered, and is explicitly anti-racist.

$17,700 – General Support
New Orleans, LA |

Free Battered Women / Legal Services for Prisoners with Children

Free Battered Women seeks to end the re-victimization of incarcerated survivors of domestic violence. It does this as part of the movement for racial justice and the struggle to resist all forms of intimate partner violence against women and transgender people.

$12,700 – General Support for Free Battered Women
San Francisco, CA |

Freedom Project

Freedom Project strengthens our community through supporting the transformation of prisoners into peacemakers. It offers trainings in concrete skills of Nonviolent Communication and mindfulness leading to reconciliation with ourselves, our loved ones and the community. Its work addresses the healing of relationships ruptured by violence and the forging of community founded on genuine safety through connection.

$15,700 – General Support
Seattle, WA |

Getting Out by Going In

Getting Out By Going In (GOGI) is dedicated to the release preparation of incarcerated men, women and children by providing simple tools for making positive choices. GOGI is designed to help participants “Get Out” of old behavior by “Going In” for self-improvement. Coaches empower the individual with information, opportunity and support for lasting change.

$17,200 – Lynwood Campus program
Los Angeles, CA |

Insight Prison Project

Insight Prison Project (IPP) is a community organization that believes community members need to play an active role in the prisons surrounding a community. IPP is dedicated to creating and conducting effective programs for inmate rehabilitation and to support the reinstatement of rehabilitation as a core operating principle within the penal system.

$18,200 – General Support
San Rafael, CA |

A New Way of Life Reentry Project

A New Way of Life Reentry Project provides housing and reentry support to formerly incarcerated women and their children. It assists women and girls to break the cycle of entrapment in the criminal justice system and lead healthy and satisfying lives.

$17,200 – General Support
Los Angeles, CA |

Rights for Imprisoned People with Psychiatric Disabilities Urban Justice Center

Rights for Imprisoned People with Psychiatric Disabilities (RIPPD) is a grassroots, direct action organization, united to demand justice and social change, for imprisoned people with psychiatric disabilities. RIPPD confronts all those who have the repsonsibility to make changes by strategizing, protesting, negotiating, collaborating with other groups, and by any creative means necessary.

$17,500 – General Support for Rights for Imprisoned People with Psychiatric Disabilities
New York, NY |

Temple University

Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program increases opportunities for men and women, inside and outside of prison, to have transformative learning experiences that emphasize collaboration and dialogue, inviting participants to take leadership in addressing crime, justice, and other issues of social concern.

$18,200 – Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program
Phildadelphia, PA |

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