Threshold Foundation 2010 Grants List

Justice and Democracy
Total Grants $331,527

Threshold Foundation’s Justice & Democracy Committee is a donor-based fund that seeks to ensure human rights for youth impacted by the criminal justice and drug policy systems, and political rights for those in historically disenfranchised communities.

The prison-industrial complex is a self-perpetuating system based on the subjugation of an increasing segment of our communities through racial and economic scapegoating. The economic angle of this is immediate, bottom line, material gain for the corporations supporting and profiting from the prison industrial complex.

The "war on drugs," rather than protecting youth, has resulted in the institutionalized persecution of Black, Latino and Native American young people. While more and more young men and women of color are being ushered into the criminal justice system under the guise of fighting drugs, resources for educating youth are diminishing and barriers to education restrict students with drug convictions from receiving higher education.

Threshold Foundation envisions an authentic participatory democracy through which social justice can be achieved, and believes that when engaged in the political decisions that affect their lives, ordinary people are central to making possible that change.


Air Traffic Control Education Fund

The Air Traffic Control Education Fund (ATC) helps musicians activate their enormous fan bases on issues vital to progressive social change. To achieve this, ATC assembles an experienced and trusted set of resources and tools that assist musicians to create effective social change collaboration with each other and the progressive movement. As a result, it has become an artists' air traffic control that instills capacity, efficiency, and coordination in artist-cause collaborations.

$30,777 - Collaborating with Musicians Project
San Francisco, CA |

Blocks Together

Blocks Together's mission is to increase its community's capacity to take direct action that addresses important issues by challenging members to develop skills to advocate for their community and themselves. Its organizing targets the root causes of poverty and inequality, creates neighborhood stability by ensuring that needed resources are invested in the community, and unites residents on the basis of equality to engage in building a social and economic justice movement.

$16,375 - Graduate Don't Incarcerate Campaign
Chicago, IL | exists to strengthen Black America's political voice. Its goal is to empower members—Black Americans and allies—to make government more responsive to the concerns of Black Americans and to bring about positive political and social change for everyone. is comprised of Black folks from every economic class, as well as those of every color who seek to help their voices be heard. Its members are united behind a simple, powerful pledge: we will do all we can to make sure all Americans are represented, served, and protected—regardless of race or class.

$60,000 - two year grant for Deepening Engagement project
Berkeley, CA |

Community Conferencing Center

The Community Conferencing Center (CCC) is a conflict transformation and community justice organization that provides ways for people to safely, collectively and effectively prevent and resolve conflicts and crime. The mission of CCC is to provide a highly participatory, community-based process for people to transform their conflicts into cooperation, take collective and personal responsibility for action, and improve their quality of life. Through partnerships with people, neighborhoods, governments and institutions, CCC helps Maryland communities resolve conflicts and crimes within their own communities.

$30,000 - General Support

Baltimore, MD |

Equality Federation

Equality Federation is a national alliance of state-based lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender advocacy organizations. It works to achieve equality for LGBT people in every state and territory by building strong and sustainable statewide organizations in a state-based movement.

$30,000 - Building Stronger and More Effective Statewide LGBT Organizations project
San Francisco, CA |

Exalt Youth

Exalt Youth is premised on demonstrated success showing that substantive, supported internships can be powerful catalysts and incentives for youth to pursue their education and employment goals. Exalt's mission is to transform the lives of youth along the spectrum of criminal justice involvement by equipping them with the skills and experience necessary to become self-sufficient, self-fulfilled, productive members of society. Exalt fulfills this mission by providing a cohesive program with four components: employability and life skills training; paid internships in youths' fields of interest; post-internship skill development and support services; and an alumni network that provides ongoing access to education and career development support and resources.

$30,000 - General Support
Brooklyn, NY |

Families and Friends of Louisiana’s Incarcerated Children

Families and Friends of Louisiana’s Incarcerated Children (FFLIC) is a statewide membership-based organization that fights for a better life for all of Louisiana’s youth, especially those involved in or targeted by the juvenile justice system. As mothers and fathers, grandparents, siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles and allies FFLIC believes in and implements a model of organizing that is people and community centered, and is explicitly anti-racist. FFLIC engages in education, community building, and leadership development through strategically chosen goals in order to empower individuals, families and communities to transform currently oppressive systems and institutions into ones that uphold justice for families.

$25,000 - General Support
New Orleans, LA |

Insight Prison Project

Insight Prison Project (IPP) is a community organization that believes community members need to play an active role in the prisons surrounding a community. IPP is dedicated to creating and conducting effective programs for inmate rehabilitation and to support the reinstatement of rehabilitation as a core operating principle within the penal system.

$30,000 - Insight Out Program
San Rafael, CA |

Latina Initiative

Latina Initiative (LI) is a non-partisan voter outreach and civic engagement organization whose mission is to cultivate, support and maintain the civic involvement of Latinas in Colorado. LI is the premier nonprofit increasing civic engagement of the Latina community.

$16,375 - General Support
Denver, CO |

Mediation Works

Mediation Works (MW) empowers individuals and organizations to resolve their differences peacefully. MW teaches conflict resolution skills and provide mediation services, thereby building understanding and respect in our diverse community.

$38,000 - two year grant for Restorative Justice Programs
Medford, OR |

UpFront Programs / Harm Reduction Therapy Center

The mission of Upfront Programs is to reform the national adolescent drug prevention, education, and treatment world through effective direct services, trainings, and technical assistance based on its experience of successful programming in urban, rural, and reservation-based programs.

$25,000 - General support and capacity building for UpFront Programs
Benicia, CA |

Sustainable Planet Committee
Total Grants $389,740

How do we meet the needs of people now without compromising the needs of future generations? How do we bring all human activities into harmony with nature for the benefit of all beings? To face these questions, we must transform both human culture and technology to live within the physical limits of the local and global ecosystems. Most urgently, this implies protecting threatened ecosystems to preserve biodiversity and prevent extinction. This in turn will require addressing global ecological issues such as climate change, empowering local and indigenous communities and deploying new clean technologies.


1Sky Action Fund

The mission of 1Sky Action Fund is to support the work of its sister organization 1Sky Education Fund to build a diverse nationwide movement and convince the federal government to take bold action to tackle the climate crisis and harness the enormous economic opportunity of energy efficiency and the renewable energy economy as soon as possible.

$18,480 - Field Organizing and Hill Advocacy for a Clean Energy Future project
Takoma Park, MD |

Alliance for Sustainable Colorado

The mission of Alliance for Sustainable Colorado is to achieve environmental, economic and social sustainability in Colorado through building broad support among individuals, nonprofit organizations, businesses and government. The Alliance facilitates relationships and common goals and agendas among these groups to unify support behind jointly backed policy initiatives that consider long-term impacts. It provides the nucleus for a statewide sustainability movement for Colorado and a model for sustainability movements in other states.

$30,480 - General Support
Denver, CO |

Appalachian Center for the Economy and the Environment

Appalachian Center for the Economy and the Environment (ACEE) is a regional nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting the communities and natural resources of Appalachia and to developing a sustainable economy for the region. The Center provides legal representation and policy assistance to citizens and grassroots organizations.

$35,480 - General Support
Lewisburg, WV |

Biosphere Foundation

Biosphere Foundation supports research and education about our Earth's biosphere. Biosphere Foundation supports an on-going coral reef program, Planetary Coral Reef Foundation (PCRF), which conducts research to address the coral reef crisis. PCRF has pursued an unprecedented global mission to preserve coral reefs through innovative programs in science, technology and education.

$30,480 - Planetary Coral Reef Foundation's Indonesian Conservation Project
Big Pine, CA |

California Climate and Agriculture Network / Occidental Arts and Ecology Center

California Climate and Agriculture Network (CalCAN) is a coalition that advances policy solutions at the nexus of climate change and sustainable agriculture.

$25,480 - California Climate and Agriculture Network's lobbying to mandate the use of a portion of AB32 funds for an agricultural response to climate change
Sebastopol, CA |

City Slicker Farms

City Slicker Farms' mission is to empower West Oakland community members to meet the immediate and basic need for food security for healthy, organic food for themselves and their families by creating high-yield urban farms and backyard gardens. These spaces provide healthy, affordable food and improve the environment. It seeks to serve all West Oakland residents, prioritizing people who have least access. Its farms and gardens demonstrate the viability of a local food-production system, serve as community spaces, empower children and adults who want to learn about the connections between ecology, farming and the urban environment, and give West Oakland residents tools for self-reliance.

$18,480 - General Support
Oakland, CA |

Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund

The Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF) was founded to provide free and affordable legal and organizing assistance to grassroots, community-based organizations working to protect their quality of life through protecting the natural environment, building sustainable communities, and asserting local control over corporations. CELDF's four program areas are focused on assisting local communities across the United States to litigate environmental cases without legal counsel, to incorporate and gain federal tax exempt status, to build sustainable communities, to work with local officials to adopt ordinances that protect the environment and assert community control over corporations, and to provide direct litigation on their behalf.

$38,480 - Community Water Project
Chambersburg, PA |

CorpWatch / Tides Center

CorpWatch counters corporate-led globalization through education and activism. It works to foster democratic control over corporations by building a diverse movement for human rights, labor rights, and environmental justice. Its core projects include:, an internet gateway for progressive information; Climate Justice Project, mobilizing communities adversely affected by the fossil fuel industry; The UN and Corporations Project, exposing and monitoring the UN's corporate partnerships and advocating for the UN to be a counterbalance against corporate-driven globalization; and The India Resource Center, supporting movement against corporate-led globalization in India by amplifying voices with a public education website.

$38,480 - CorpWatch's project to track the corporate flow of Canadian tar sands oil, in collaboration with the Borealis Centre for Environment and Trade Research
San Francisco, CA |

Earth Economics

Earth Economics is devoted to advancing and applying the science of ecological economics to promote healthy ecosystems, communities, and economies, while also working to halt the globalization of unsustainable economic policies. Focusing on the areas of toxics, forests, fisheries, and global trade policies, they achieve their goals through organization, education, and advocacy.

$27,980 - Valuing Ecuador's Intag Region project
Tacoma, WA |


Earthworks is dedicated to protecting communities and the environment from the destructive impacts of mineral development, in the U.S. and worldwide. It fulfills its mission by working with communities and grassroots groups to reform government policies, improve corporate practices, influence investment decisions and encourage responsible materials sourcing and consumption.

$37,480 - Oil and Gas Accountability Project
Washington, DC |

Friends of the Earth Action

Friends of the Earth Action (FoE Action) provides extra political muscle on legislative battles to its sister organization, Friends of the Earth, which is part of a network of affiliates in over 70 nations. FoE Action not only fights for laws and lawmakers that will do the right thing on environmental issues, it also helps the public join in the political battle.

$32,480 - lobbying for strong federal climate policy
Washington, DC |

Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility

Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) is a national alliance of local state and federal resource professionals. PEER’s environmental work is solely directed by the needs of its members. PEER works nation-wide with government scientists, land managers, environmental law enforcement agents, field specialists and other resource professionals committed to responsible management of America’s public resources.

$25,480 - Coal's Achilles Heel: Combustion Waste project
Washington, DC |

Save America's Forests Fund

Save America's Forests Fund was established in 1992 to address the growing educational needs of the grassroots forest protection movement. Its mission if to protect and restore America's last wild and natural forests. The Fund has worked to build bridges with labor organizations and to inspire previously uninvolved Americans to participate in the creation of U.S. forest protection policy by starting their own groups and building coalitions in their communities.

$30,480 - General Support
Washington, DC |

Election Integrity
Total Grants $166,400

The Election Integrity Funding Circle seeks to ensure that every American can vote, that votes will be counted as cast, and works to eliminate voter suppression and barriers to voting.

This funding circle’s 2010-2011 grantmaking directly grows out of funding done in previous years through Threshold’s Democracy Committee, and targets specific efforts to protect the democratic process from threats of election manipulation and fraud. Projects funded will address the following issues: whistle blower protection; citizen exit polls to engage civic participation; and meaningful prosecution of election fraud crimes.


Black Box Voting

Black Box Voting is a grassroots civic participation organization founded to encourage independent action around voter fruad, although it does not control or directly organize. Instead, it works in solidarity with relentless, clever, loosely allied people, taking actions they have figured out for themselves, using common sense and whatever resources they can bring to bear.

$26,080 - Tipping Point Project
Renton, WA |

Columbus Institute for Contemporary Journalism

Columbus Institute for Contemporary Journalism is dedicated to promoting media independence through alternative and diverse voices. Its outlets are the internet, a bimonthly journal, book publishing, radio programs and video production.

$35,080 - Election Protection Project
Columbus, OH |

Election Transparency Coalition / International Humanities Center

Election Transparency Coalition is dedicated to educating and organizing the citizens of New York State and beyond, to maintain, and when necessary, restore citizen oversight and public control of our elections.

$23,080 - Election Transparency Coalition's lawsuit to halt the use of software-based voting
Staatsburg, NY |

Velvet Revolution

Velvet Revolution (VR) is a 501(c)4 organization founded for the purpose of providing a means for citizens and organizations to mobilize to create a clean, transparent and accountable government. Specifically, VR began around the issue of election fraud during the 2004 election, and it expanded later into media reform, war resolution and government accountability. Its major focus is exposing and correcting problems with electronic voting machines and their tabulators. VR was co-founded by Justice Through Music and The Brad Blog, and it is a 501(c)4 activist, education and lobbying organization.

$43,080 - Protect Our Elections Campaign
Washington, DC |

Verified Voting Foundation

Verified Voting Foundation (VVF) is a non-partisan nonprofit organization championing transparent, reliable and publicly verifiable elections. Its goal is to enable voters to have unqualified and justified confidence in election results.

$39,080 - Joint project with Common Cause Education Fund and Voter Action to challenge Internet voting
Carlsbad, CA |

Queer Youth Fund
Total Grants $126,013

Through this funding collaborative, a diverse donor and activist committee makes multi-year, $100,000 grants to grassroots, local, state or national nonprofit organizations located anywhere in the United States working to improve the quality of life among gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning (GLBTQQ) youth.

The Queer Youth Fund awards grants to innovative and effective leadership development programs or organizing projects that empower GLBTQQ youth to improve societal conditions that affect them and that make a long-term difference to their movement.


Liberty Hill Foundation

Liberty Hill Foundation partners with innovative and effective Los Angeles grassroots organizations to combat poverty and injustice, and help transform the City of Angels into a place that promises safety, equality and opportunity for everyone who lives here.

$126,013 - Queer Youth Fund
Santa Monica, CA |

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