Threshold Foundation 2014 Grants List

Justice and Democracy
Total Grants $609,500

Threshold Foundation’s Justice & Democracy Committee is a donor-based fund with a two-fold focus for 2013 grants cycle:

(1) Incarceration Reform- We support organizations working to protect the rights of incarcerated, formerly incarcerated, and convicted people and their families, inside and outside of prison.

We fund organizations aimed at reforming the criminal justice system either directly through civic action and legislative initiatives or through the development and implementation of re-entry and rehabilitation programs and alternatives to incarceration. This includes organizations working to reform policies that negatively impact youth (for example, harsh juvenile sentencing and systems enabling a “school to prison pipeline”).

(2) Civic Participation -We support organizations aimed at expanding political awareness, rights and participation for those who live in current and historically disenfranchised communities.

We fund organizations incorporating a sustainable, bottom-up model of electoral power-building led by and for underrepresented constituencies. Core strategies include leadership development, community organizing, coalition building, and campaign finance reform.


All of Us or None - Los Angeles

All of Us or None is a national organizing initiative that seeks to build a movement to win full restoration of the human and civil rights of people with past convictions. Co-founded in 2003, All of Us or None gives collective voice to people with criminal records in the policies that affect them. A New Way of Life is the convener and coordinator of All of Us or None’s Los Angeles chapter.

$38,500 - general support for All of Us or None - Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA |

American Indian Prison Project Working Group

American Indian Prison Project Working Group works to empower American Indian and Alaska Native communities with the skills and resources to significantly reduce the detainment and incarceration rate of youth and adult tribal members in federal, state and tribal prisons.

$38,500 - American Indian Prison Project Working Group's general support
St. Paul, MN

Boys and Girls Club of the Northern  Cheyenne Nation

The Boys & Girls Club of the Northern Cheyenne Nation is a youth guidance organization dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles, social, educational, vocational, cultural, character and leadership development. It strives to help young people to improve their lives by building self-esteem and development of values and skills during critical periods of growth. The club endeavors to achieve its goals through collaborative efforts with others.

$38,500 - General support
Lame Deer, MT |

Communities United for Restorative Youth Justice

The mission of Communities United for Restorative Youth Justice (CURYJ, pronounced courage) is to interrupt the cycles of violence and poverty by motivating and empowering young people that have been impacted directly and indirectly by the criminal justice system to make positive changes in their lives and prepare them to become the community leaders of today.

$100,000 - Communities United for Restorative Youth Justice's general support
Oakland, CA

Fuerza Unida

Fuerza Unida Inc's mission is to empower and educate women worker's to become advocates for social change and organizers for economic justice. Their purpose is to ensure the rights of workers in general from their community. They provide guidance and accessible information to areas of limited services and resources. They promote the awareness and education of environmental and occupational health and safety standards . Their goals are to develop leadership, educate the community, redefine the working environment and to encourage dialogue between workers. Their programs include workshops, leadership development, training and networking, in addition to a sewing cooperative and food bank.

$70,000 - General Support
San Antonio, TX |

Homies Unidos

Homies Unidos is a nonprofit gang violence prevention and intervention organization. Its mission is to provide youth and communities positive and productive opportunities that permit the reduction and prevention of violence and allow for personal growth. It is a community-based organization committed to developing creative alternative to violence and drugs through access to alternative education, leadership development, self-esteem building, and health education programs. These include: Violence Prevention and Intervention, Strengthening Families, Alternative Education, Arts Program, and a Health Care Education Referral Program.

$38,500 - General Support
Los Angeles, CA |


NC A Philip Randolph Institute

The mission of the North Carolina A. Philip Randolph Institute is to improve the quality of life for economically disadvantaged families by providing the necessary resources that improve their standard of living, foster self improvement, self empowerment and self sufficiency. The agency is dedicated to those disenfranchised by situation, circumstance or indifference.

$100,000 - General Support
Raleigh, NC |

Project South - The Institute for the Elimination of Poverty and Genocide

Project South is a community-based membership institute that develops and conducts popular political and economic education and action research for organizing and liberation. It organzies and develops popular educators from grassroots and scholary backgrounds, bringing them together on the basis of equality to join in the process of understanding and transforming society.

$38,500 - Southern Movement Participation Project
Atlanta, GA |

Rescue, Release and Restore, Inc. NFP

By rescuing gifts, releasing potential and restoring the promise of our youth within their communities, Rescue, Release and Restore's mission transforms the self worth and empowers at risk youth through leadership training, artistic expression and mentorship. It aims to establish a year-round camp facility under RRR’s leadership to help youth and youth-based organizations replicate and sustain the RRR philosophy.

$38,500 - Project R.E.S.T.O.R.E
Riverdale, IL |

Thunder Valley Community Development Corporation

Empowering Lakota youth & families to improve the health, culture and environment of our communities, through the healing and strengthening of cultural identity.

$38,500 - Thunder Valley Regenerative Community Engagement Project
Porcupine, SD |

Union of Minority Neighborhoods

Union of Minority Neighborhoods works across Boston and across Massachusetts to ensure that communities of color can effectively organize around the issues facing them. UMN trains and empowers people of color to address the problems in their neighborhoods, in their regions, and in their country, and to work successfully for change.

$70,000 - General support
Jamaica Plain, MA |

Sustainable Planet Committee
Total Grants $446,000

Threshold's Sustainable Planet Committee supports organizations and programs that focus on ensuring the long-term healthy functioning of our planet and the maintenance of its biodiversity.

In discussing "sustainability," we take a two-pronged approach. A sustainable planet:

  • Meets the needs of people now without compromising the needs of future generations.
  • Brings human activities into harmony with nature for the benefit of all beings.

This implies transforming human activity, culture and technology to live within the physical limits of local and global ecosystems, and protecting threatened ecosystems and species.

Our grants address global ecological issues such as climate change, habitat destruction, water quality and supply, and biodiversity conservation.

They contribute to: empowering local and indigenous communities, creating strong energy policies, deploying new clean technologies, and developing effective communication strategies and messages that increase support for protecting and enhancing the natural environment at local, regional and global levels.

We often support organizations and programs that have been neglected by other funders for a variety of reasons. That is, we encourage creative and innovative solutions for resolving the environmental crises that threaten life on Earth.


Borealis Eco Strategies

Borealis Eco Strategies, with its partner entity Borealis Centre for Environment and Trade Research in Canada, is a leading international research organization for the non-profit sector focusing on environmental impacts through the chain of production, as well as financial and political mechanisms. Borealis provides research and related services to NGOs, with emphasis on unique trade flow and chain of custody research, environmental impact research, markets analysis and many other areas of information gathering and dissemination primarily for the non-profit sector.

$38,000 - general support for Borealis Eco Strategies
Sointula, CANADA |

Carbon Tax Center

Carbon Tax Center (CTC) is the sole U.S. organization focused on advancing a federal carbon tax as the central and essential policy to slash U.S. greenhouse gas emissions equitably, effectively, and quickly, and to provide both a model and economic incentives for other nations to follow suit. Throughthe website, papers and blog posts, economic modeling, and indefatigable and strategic networking, CTC educate citizens, NGO's and public officials and help them advocate effectively for carbon taxing at the federal and state level.

$25,000 - research, education and organizing on energy and pipeline development in British Columbi
New York, NY |

Conversations for Responsible Economic Development

Conversations for Responsible Economic Development is a collection of professionals and business leaders from the tourism, real estate, tech, health, creative and other service-based sectors who are committed to participating in informed dialogue about long-term prosperity on Canada's west coast.

$25,000 - Carbon Tax Center's general support
Vancouver, CANADA |

Dogwood Alliance

Dogwood Alliance is a growing regional network of fifty-three organizations engendering and uniting broad-based, mainstream support to protect the native forests of the southeast from the increased threat of industrial clearcutting.

$30,000 - Our Forests Aren't Fuel Campaign
Asheville, NC |


Earthworks is dedicated to protecting communities and the environment from the destructive impacts of mineral development, in the U.S. and worldwide. It fulfills its mission by working with communities and grassroots groups to reform government policies, improve corporate practices, influence investment decisions and encourage responsible materials sourcing and consumption.

$30,000 - Oil & Gas Accountibility Project
Washington, DC |

Environmental Justice League of Rhode Island

The Environmental Justice League of Rhode Island (EJ League) is an alliance of individuals and organizations working together to promote environmental justice in Rhode Island through advocacy, education, networking, organizing, and research. Its mission is to build power in the communities most affected by environmental burdens by developing leaders to take action to promote safe and healthy environments for all; for a healthy place to live, work, and play regardless of race, ethnicity, or income.

$30,000 - General support
Providence, RI |

Fondo Acción Solidaria, A.C.

Fondo Acción Solidaria, A.C. (FASOL – The Action in Solidarity Fund) is an independent, charitable, Mexican grantmaking organization that provides grant support for grassroots groups working on the critical social and environmental issues that confront their communities. Through this initiative FASOL strengthens grassroots groups in Mexico that are working to advance the social, economic and environmental sustainability of their communities. Working with FASOL's network of volunteer mentors across Mexico who are responsible for identifying and assisting FASOL's grassroots partners, FASOL will develop and deepen its grantmaking strategies to advance the work of these groups and provide direct financial support to them. The initiative will result in increasing the impact and voice of civil society on social and environmental sustainability and in expanding philanthropic awareness of and investment in local civil society in Mexico.

$37,000 - work to strengthen grassroots groups in Mexico working to advance the social, economic and environmental sustainability of their communities
La Paz, MEXICO |

Lost Light Projects

Lost Light Projects' InsideClimate News is a Pulitzer prize-winning, non-profit, non-partisan news organization that covers clean energy, carbon energy, nuclear energy and environmental science—plus the territory in between where law, policy and public opinion are shaped. Its mission is to produce clear, objective stories that give the public and decision-makers the information they need to navigate the heat and emotion of climate and energy debates. It publishes investigations, daily stories, posts on two dedicated blogs, two headline aggregations every day, a weekly newsletter, ebooks and documentary video collaborations with larger media entities (This American Land, The Weather Channel, Vice).

$21,000 - InsideClimate News' general support
Brooklyn, NY |

National Fisheries Conservation Center

National Fisheries Conservation Center supports collaborative efforts to improve marine resource management and conservation. It focuses on problems where progress is impeded by controversy and polarized discourse, or by lack of access to helpful information and tools.

$20,000 - Global Ocean Health Program
Ojai, CA |

Oregon Environmental Council

Oregon Environmental Council (OEC) safeguards what Oregonians love about Oregon – clean air and water, an unpolluted landscape and healthy food produced by local farmers. Since 1968, OEC has helped forge Oregon's reputation as a national leader in environmental protection. OEC's current programs focus on reducing greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming and pollution control and prevention, especially with regard to toxic chemicals.

$25,000 - Pacific Northwest Laboratory: Putting a Price on Carbon project
Portland, OR |

Other Worlds

Other Worlds is a multi-national, multi-media, multi-lingual education and organizing collaborative that works to inspire hope and knowledge that another world is possible, and to help build it. Other Worlds compiles and brings to light political, economic, cultural, social, and gender alternatives that are flourishing throughout the world, and inspires and helps the public throughout the Americas open up new pathways to adapt and replicate them.

$25,000 - Other Worlds' general support
New Orleans, LA |

Partnership for Policy Integrity

The Partnership for Policy Integrity (PFPI) uses science, policy analysis and strategic communications to promote sound energy policy. PFPI provides science and legal support so that citizen groups, environmental organizations, and policymakers can better understand energy development impacts on air quality, ecosystems, and the climate. Its current work focuses on biomass energy.

$39,000 - General Support
Pelham, MA |

Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility

Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) is a national alliance of local state and federal resource professionals. PEER’s environmental work is solely directed by the needs of its members. PEER works nation-wide with government scientists, land managers, environmental law enforcement agents, field specialists and other resource professionals committed to responsible management of America’s public resources.

$30,000 - Defending Climate Science and Scientists program
Washington, DC |

Public Trust Project

The Public Trust Project (PTP) is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that investigates and reports on the manipulation of scientific research by corporations and government, and promotes the findings of independent scientists whose work has not been skewed by powerful interests. It takes on campaigns relating to public health, occupational safety, and environmental protection. Using strategic communications, investigation, and multi-media projects, it seeks to hold corporations and government accountable.

$27,000 - Public Trust Project's Menhaden Conservation Program
Washington, DC |

RAVEN (Respecting Aboriginal Values and Environmental Needs)

The mission of RAVEN is to assist Aboriginal peoples within Canada in protecting or restoring their traditional lands and resources and addressing critical environmental challenges such as global warming by strategically enforcing their Constitutional rights through the courts in response to unsustainable settlement or industrial exploitation supported by the State. RAVEN was formed out of the perceived need to redress the balance when it comes to obtaining justice in the courts for Canada's native people. Native leaders, advocates and their legal teams face impossible odds when going against the established interests of large corporations and governments in order to protect their right and lands. The struggles worldwide for the rights of indigenous peoples are frequently closely related to the effort to prevent environmental degradation through inappropriate industrial development. By obtaining financial support for these inter-mixed native rights and environmental causes it hopes to bring balance into the game.

$30,000 - work to assist First Nations peoples within Canada to protect and restore their traditional lands and resources
Victoria, CANADA |

Sightline Institute

Sightline Institute (formerly Northwest Environment Watch) is a not-for-profit research and communication center--a think tank--based in Seattle. Founded in 1993, Sightline's mission is to bring about sustainability--a healthy, lasting prosperity grounded in place. Nonpartisan and wholly independent, Sightline's only ideology is commitment to the shared values of strong communities, fair markets, and responsible stewardship.

$25,000 - Pacific Northwest: Putting a Price on Carbon
Seattle, WA |

Tides Foundation

Tides Foundation partners with donors to increase and organize resources for social change. It facilitates effective grantmaking programs, creates opportunities for learning, and builds community among donors and grantees.

$30,000 - Tides Foundation's Canopy Fund for Canopy Style: Fashion Loved by Forests
San Francisco, CA |

Election Integrity
Total Grants $153,000

The Election Integrity Funding Circle seeks to ensure that every American can vote, that votes will be counted as cast, and works to eliminate voter suppression and barriers to voting.

This funding circle’s 2013 grantmaking directly grows out of funding done in previous years through Threshold’s Democracy Committee, and targets specific efforts to protect the democratic process from threats of election manipulation and fraud. Projects funded will address the following issues: whistle blower protection; citizen exit polls to engage civic participation; and meaningful prosecution of election fraud crimes.


Black Box Voting

Black Box Voting is a grassroots civic participation organization founded to encourage independent action around voter fruad, although it does not control or directly organize. Instead, it works in solidarity with relentless, clever, loosely allied people, taking actions they have figured out for themselves, using common sense and whatever resources they can bring to bear.

$10,000 - Americans United for Democracy, Integrity, and Transparency in Elections, Pima County Project
Renton, WA |

Psephos Inc.

Psephos Inc was founded in 2007 to promote election integrity issues, primarily the integrity of American voting processes. The National Election Integrity Coalition (NEIC) is currently the sole funded project of Psephos Inc.

$41,000 - National Election Integrity Coalition's general support
$11,500 - National Election Integrity Coalition's general support

La Honda, CA |

Save Our Votes

SAVEourVotes is a statewide nonpartisan grassroots nonprofit organization working for Secure, Accessible, Verifiable Elections in Maryland.

$20,000 - Save Our Votes's general support
Hyattsville, MD |

Verified Voting Foundation

Verified Voting Foundation (VVF) is a non-partisan nonprofit organization championing transparent, reliable and publicly verifiable elections. Its goal is to enable voters to have unqualified and justified confidence in election results.

$51,000 - support to fight for integrity and transparency in elections
$19,500 - support to fight for integrity and transparency in elections

Carlsbad, CA |

Thriving Resilient Communities
Total Grants $162,500

Threshold’s Thriving Resilient Communities funding circle (TRC) funds collaborative tools and approaches that build leadership and capacity for communities to address their own strategic needs in the face of energy, climate, economic, and social challenges. In a thriving resilient community, people can respond to any challenge and thrive in the process. Community resilience requires an integral whole-systems approach that fosters compassion, inner resilience (healthy, respectful caring relationships), and outer resilience (fair, sustainable sharing systems) within an eco-social region. The resilient community movement includes community initiatives with similar visions using a variety of names such as Healthy, Livable, Local, Peace, Resilient, Sustainable, Thrive, and Transition.

TRC's mission is to build collective wisdom, map the field, and fund best practices and leading-edge work in community resilience in the United States and Canada. Priority will be given to regional and national network hubs and to replicable whole-systems approaches that promote inclusive economic models, social interconnectedness, and vibrant health and well-being. In addition to supporting projects within an organization, TRC is particularly interested in catalyzing multi-organization collaborative projects that we call “co-projects.”


Bay Localize

Bay Localize confronts the challenges of climate change and economic recession by boosting the Bay Area's capacity to provide for everyone's needs, sustainably and equitably. It achieves this equipping grassroots community leaders with flexible tools, models, and policies that strengthen their communities.

$18,500 - Bay Localize's Map Your Future project
Oakland, CA |

Daily Acts

Daily Acts Organization's vision is to foster a healthy, just, and reverent culture. Its mission is to transform its communities through inspired action and education which builds leadership and local self-reliance.

$17,500 - General support
$4,500 - General support

Petaluma, CA |

Generation Waking Up

Generation Waking Up is a global campaign to ignite a generation of young people to bring forth a thriving, just, sustainable world. Their goals are to: (1) awaken in young people a clear sense of who they are as a generation, give them an understanding of the urgent global challenges and opportunities they face, and call them to take action; (2) empower young people with the training, mentoring, and support needed to thrive as global citizens, leaders, and change agents in the 21st century; and (3) mobilize young people locally and globally across issues, geography, and all lines of difference, unleashing the collaborative power of this generation.

$16,000 - Generation Waking Up's Thrive Fellowship Program
$6,000 - Generation Waking Up's Thrive Fellowship

Oakland, CA |

Institute for Policy Studies

Since 1963, Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) has been a leading progressive, multi-issue, analysis and advocacy organization. Its public scholars have crafted policies to help those in society with the least power and to give their advocates intellectual ammunition to make changes in public policy consistent with the values of demilitarization, social justice, economic, racial and gender equality, environmental sustainability, and democratic participation. The Institute has strengthened and linked social movements through articulation of root principles and fundamental rights, research and analysis on current events and issues, and connections to policymakers, academics, and activists at all levels. As a multi-issue think tank that has worked with the movements that shaped the late 20th Century, from Civil Rights onwards, it offers a cross-cutting analysis with a historical perspective.

$17,500 - Jamaica Plains New Economy Transition project
Boston, MA |

Post Carbon Institute

MetaFoundation, doing business as Post Carbon Institute, is a virtual organization designed to address the growing global environmental catastrophe in fundamentally new and largely untried ways. Much of the current focus of attention is on technological solutions, such as increasing the efficiency with which people consume the Earth's resources.

$16,000 - Weaving, Gathering, & Sharing Amongst the Thriving/Resilience and New Economy Movements
Santa Rosa, CA |

New Economics Institute

New Economics Institute (NEI), formerly the E.F. Schumacher Society, is working to make the new economics, one which supports people and planet, mainstream in the United States. The current economic system is failing in its essential purpose: to provide fulfilling and healthy lives for all people while nurturing the social and natural systems on which the economic system depends. The Institute is helping people imagine the kind of economy that is designed to enhance human well-being and ecological health. To do this, it is forging a narrative and theory of such an economic system, showing how it is possible to get from here to there. It is setting out a new language for economics, which describes the world more effectively, and – using a combination of cutting edge economics and innovative communications – it is explaining how this new economics is already emerging.

$15,000 - New Economy Coalition Conference and General Assembly
$3,500 - New Economy Coalition's Conference and General Assembly

Great Barrington, MA |

Thriving and Resilient Communities Collaboratory

Thriving Resilient Communities Collaboratory is an invitational action research network project exploring tipping-point strategies for scaling the community resilience movement and engaging the mainstream in North America. The intention is to build collective wisdom, map the field, and fund best practices and leading-edge work in local community resilience. The Collaboratory is a learning community of practice, an agile collaborative-funding incubator, and a call to conscious collaboration and co-creation in service to the Great Transition.

$20,000 - Thriving and Resilient Communities Collaboratory's general support
Freeland, WA |

Transition US

Transition US is a resource and catalyst for building resilient communities across the United States that are able to withstand severe energy, climate or economic shocks while creating a better quality of life in the process. Its mission is to inspire, encourage, support, network and train individuals and their communities as they consider, adopt, adapt, and implement the Transition approach to community empowerment and action. Transition US accomplishes its work by helping to launch and support Transition Initiatives (also known as "Transition Towns") across all regions of the country.

$28,000 - REconomy project
Sebastopol, CA |

High Impact Documentary Funding Circle
Total Grants $155,500

Threshold’s High Impact Documentary Films (HIDF) funding circle will fund documentaries addressing the most important issues facing the world today with a plan of action that is powerful, innovative, and unexpected. We are in a golden age of documentary films. Progressive issues are being exposed in a powerful new light with various creative channels for marketing and distribution. Documentary filmmakers are filling the void left by a mainstream media that is unwilling to take on the controversial issues we face today.

The High Impact Documentary Films funding circle will partner with the Sundance Institute to make high-impact grants that utilize the resources of an organization at the forefront of the documentary world. By making more aggressive and larger grants than those that are usually available, we seek to become a leading force in the documentary field, gaining greater visibility for the Threshold Foundation and making more impact as change makers.


Shadow World Productions, LLC

Shadow World LLC embarks on a devastating and courageous exploration of the international arms trade – the only business that counts its profits in billions and its costs in human lives.

$60,000 - Shadow World Productions, LLC's documentary film
New York, NY |

Sundance Institute

Sundance Institute is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the discovery and development of independent artists and audiences. Through its programs, the Institute seeks to discover, support, and inspire independent film and theatre artists from the United States and around the world, and to introduce audiences to their new work.

$35,000 - General support
Los Angeles, CA |

Salt Lake City Film Center and Artists Collaborative

Utah Film Center, also known as the Salt Lake City Film Center and Artists Collaborative, brings the world of film to local audiences through free community screenings and discussions, outreach programs, and visiting artists and professionals. Emphasizing social content and artistic excellence, the Center presents documentary, independent, and dramatic cinema year-round. The organization collaborates with various educational and community organizations to promote a diversity of ideas, to provide forums for underrepresented groups, and to develop new audiences for film.

$60,000 - Documentary film project, Campus Assaults
Salt Lake City, UT |

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