Threshold Foundation 2017 Grants List

Food and Farming
Total Grants $295,000.00

The dominant system of agriculture in the United States today is damaging our health and the health of the planet. We can accelerate visionary philanthropy in support of emerging leadership and community efforts for systemic change. The food revolution requires us to act now. Ag is the most fundamental need of all humanity and is the causal nexus for addressing issues of environmental degradation, climate change, human health, inequality and injustice. We work collaboratively to change the discourse among funders and policymakers and to transition from destructive farming policies and practices towards regenerative model of agriculture. We are regrowing food systems that respect the integrity, diversity and resilience of communities and ecosystems.


Center for Food Safety

The Center for Food Safety (CFS) works to protect human health and the environment by curbing the proliferation of harmful food production technologies and by promoting organic and other forms of sustainable agriculture. The True Food Network is CFS’s grassroots action network, with over 85,000 members across the country. The True Food Network is where concerned citizens can voice their opinions about critical food safety issues, and advocate for a socially just, democratic, and sustainable food system.

$30,000.00 - Soil Solutions Program
San Francisco, CA |

Ecdysis Foundation

Ecdysis Foundation's mission is to create a network of centers for excellence in regenerative farming practices that will transform food production from the bottom up. This initiative will confront national problems by rebuilding soil health, increasing biodiversity, and profitably producing nutrient dense foods. Community-driven science, education, and demonstration will be key to changing farming behaviors.

$30,000.00 - General Support
Estelline, SD |

ETC Group

Friends of ETC Group is a not-for-profit organization based in Durham, North Carolina. Its mission is to promote biodiversity and advance just and sustainable food security and livelihood systems for the benefit of rural areas and societies. It works toward these goals primarily by supporting the work of the ETC Group. ETC Group works to address the socioeconomic and ecological issues surrounding new technologies that could have an impact on the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people. It investigates ecological erosion (including the erosion of cultures and human rights); the development of new technologies (especially agricultural but also other technologies that work with genomics and matter); and it monitors global governance issues including corporate concentration and trade in technologies. It operates at the global political level.

$25,000.00 - General Support
Durham, NC |

FoodCorps Inc.

FoodCorps connects kids to healthy food in school, so they can lead healthier lives and reach their full potential. FoodCorps works for a future in which all our nation’s children––regardless of class, race, or geography––know what healthy food is, care where it comes from, and eat it every day.

$25,000.00 - Food Corps and the Urban School Food Alliance Collaboration
Portland, OR |

Institute for Responsible Technology

The Institute for Responsible Technology is a world leader in educating policy makers and the public about genetically modified (GM) foods and crops. The Institute for Responsible Technology investigates and reports their risks and impact on health, environment, the economy, and agriculture, as well as the problems associated with current research, regulation, corporate practices, and reporting.

$20,000.00 - General Support
Fairfield, IA |

Little Colorado River Watershed Chapters Association

The Little Colorado River Watershed Chapters Association's mission is to create and implement a community-led watershed planning process, exercising self-determination through local governance, in the development of a Navajo Nation Master Plan for clean water security for all Diné communities.

$20,000.00 - Diné Bike'yah Community Leadership Program
Lupton, AZ |

No-Till on the Plains Inc

No-till on the Plains, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit educational organization providing information for producers to adopt high-quality continuous no-till systems, and to further develop those systems.

$25,000.00 - General Support
Berryton, KS |

Savanna Institute

Savanna Institute aims to empower stakeholders to support, adopt, and enhance resilient and diverse agroforestry practices. education. The Institute leads the charge in advocating for and supporting agroforestry efforts in the Midwestern United States. Formed in 2013, the Institute works to develop agricultural systems that mimic an exceptionally productive ecosystem once common throughout the corn belts and bread baskets of the world: the savanna.

$30,000.00 - General Support
Urbana, IL |

Shaka Movement

SHAKA educates the public on environmental responsibility and scientifically based sustainable alternatives related to agriculture, health, environmental and biotech science, soil remediation and other related fields. Solutions are offered through educational communications, peaceful actions, public gatherings, and through advocacy forums, outreach programs, grassroots efforts and a variety of other means.

$30,000.00 - General Support
Paia, HI |

Sustainable Economies Law Center

The Sustainable Economies Law Center (SELC) facilitates the growth of sustainable, localized, and just economies, through education, legal research, and advocacy that support practices such as local investing, urban agriculture, cooperatives, barter, local currencies, sharing, cottage industries, and economically sustainable housing.

$30,000.00 - General Support
Oakland, CA |

Women, Food and Agriculture Network

Women, Food and Agriculture Network (WFAN) aims to engage women in building an ecological and just food and agricultural system through individual and community power. WFAN exists so that women can give each other the information, connections, and encouragement they need to be effective practitioners and supporters of sustainable agriculture and healthy localized food systems.

$30,000.00 - General Support
Ames, IA |

High Impact Documentary Funding Circle
Total Grants $305,000.00

Threshold’s High Impact Documentary Films (HIDF) funding circle will fund documentaries addressing the most important issues facing the world today with a plan of action that is powerful, innovative, and unexpected.

We are in a golden age of documentary films. Progressive issues are being exposed in a powerful new light with various creative channels for marketing and distribution. Documentary filmmakers are filling the void left by a mainstream media that is unwilling to take on the controversial issues we face today.

Proud supporters of: Oscar winner: White Helmets Sundance winners: The Bad Kids, The Force, and Whose Streets? Oscar nominiee: The Hunting Ground.



In the shadow of the largest Native American political occupation since Wounded Knee 1973, uncertainty fills the air as thousands of earth guardians descend on Standing Rock, North Dakota. It has become a catalyst for new life changes and rediscovery as people from all corners of the globe congregate on an international stage. AKICITA is the definitive film of this Indigenous struggle - what began in August as a call for local tribes to come to the Standing Rock Sioux reservation, ultimately lit a global firestorm. The film tells the story of the fight against a large energy company building a pipeline through tribal lands, encroaching on the rights, dignity and safety of the tribal peoples of the region. AKICITA's team was on the front lines of this movement from the beginning and to the bitter end. This is the only Native-made feature documentary being made about Standing Rock.

$40,000.00 - General Support

Going to Mars

Going to Mars: The Nikki Giovanni Project pushes the boundaries of biographical documentary storytelling to reveal the enduring influence of one of America’s greatest living artists and social commentators. Combining parallel cinematic story editing with visually innovative treatments of her poetry, along with intimate vérité, rich archival footage, and in Giovanni’s own voice and captivating contemporary performances, Going to Mars recounts the story of the artist and activist and the tumultuous historical periods in which she lived—from the Civil Rights Movement, to the Black Arts Movement, to present-day Black Lives Matter.

$20,000.00 - General Support


An epic tragedy of corruption and betrayal, IMPEACHMENT is a behind-the-scenes look at the ousting of Brazil’s first female president, Dilma Rousseff. With privileged access to the president and other key politicians, the film unravels like a political thriller as Brazil falls into disarray, echoing the undoing of so many democracies throughout the world..

$60,000.00 - General Support

Madame Tran

At 75 and battling cancer, the indomitable Tran To Nga is fighting to hold the chemical companies that manufactured Agent Orange accountable for its catastrophic impact on the people and environment of Vietnam. Four generations after the U.S. military sprayed Agent Orange on Vietnam, babies in both countries are being born with deformities caused by the dioxin-contaminated herbicide. Meanwhile the manufacturers continue to absolve themselves of responsibility, marketing some of the same toxic ingredients in the world 's most widely used agricultural chemicals. With the exclusive cooperation of our whistleblower, retired U.S. Air Force scientist Dr. James Clary, the film exposes the deceptions and lies that led to the deadliest use of chemicals in the history of warfare. A lifetime crusader for Vietnam's independence and well-being, winning care for Vietnam's afflicted millions is Madame Tran's last battle.

$60,000.00 - General Support

Nalia & The Uprising

When a nation-wide uprising breaks out in 1987, a woman from Gaza must make an impossible choice between love, family and freedom. Undaunted, she chooses all three, joining a clandestine network of Palestinian women who shook the Israeli occupation and put Palestinians on the map for the first time.

$10,000.00 - General Support

The Holly

THE HOLLY follows an attempted murder case in a historic Denver community that provides an unexpected window into a neighborhood where much of the city’s violent crime takes place—and into unreported abuses in the DOJ’s anti-gang efforts around the country.

$35,000.00 - General Support

United Skates

When America's last standing roller rinks are threatened with closure, a community of thousands battle in a racially charged environment to save an underground subculture-- one that has remained undiscovered by the mainstream for generations, yet has given rise to some of the world's greatest musical talent. In the style of ‘Whose Streets?’, and ‘20 Feet From Stardom’, UNITED SKATES grows out of a chorus of voices across the entire United States. At a time when our country feels painfully divided, and fly-over states often feel overlooked, the story of a community crisscrossing our nation to celebrate what unites them, is more important now than ever.

$80,000.00 - General Support

Middle East Peace
Total Grants $227,500.00

We support a network of peaceful, visionary, innovative Palestinian and Israeli activists advancing nonviolent transformation of Palestine and Israel into an enduring peace, with full civil rights, dignity, and security for all.


Greening of Karma Center

The innovative Taghyeer (Change) Palestinian National Nonviolence Movement was founded by Palestinian community leaders. Taghyeer focuses on engaging Palestinian society on a way forward to achieve social change and national goals through nonviolence. The movement involves all segments of Palestinian society by strengthening and supporting communities and providing independent organizations and activists an umbrella for coordinated action.

$30,000.00 - General Support
Scarsdale, NY |

Combatants for Peace

Combatants for Peace has for more than a decade embodied and served as a model for our humanistic values of freedom, democracy, security and dignity for all. CFP is a strong, significant community of Israeli and Palestinian non-violent activists that exemplifies viable cooperation. Combatants for Peace's mission is to build an ever expanding community of Israeli and Palestinian activists that non-violently opposes the occupation and violence and catalyzes a process for a mutually agreed upon solution that will allow both Israelis and Palestinians to live with freedom, security, democracy and dignity in their homelands.

$35,000.00 - General Support
Ramat Hasharon, Israel |

Friends Forever

Friends Forever International is an independent 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization that utilizes a grassroots approach to help youth from around the world build lasting friendships across cultural, religious and political divides. Serving as a liaison between U.S and international communities, Friends Forever allows people of all backgrounds to participate first-hand in the international peace process.

$7,500.00 - Palestine Israel Program
Durham, NH |

Just Vision, Inc.

Just Vision highlights grassroots Israeli and Palestinian efforts to build a base for peace in the Middle East. Through educational curricula, documentary film and innovative online and face-to-face encounters, Just Vision aims to increase awareness of peace workers, and to act as a hub where they can gain access to one another as well as to audiences abroad.

$40,000.00 - $30k General Support and $10k for the Film on Women in the Untegada
Washington, DC |

Middle East Children's Institute Inc.

The Middle East Children's Institute's (MECI) mission is to address the educational, psychosocial, health and basic humanitarian needs of children and women impacted by conflict or poverty in the Middle East.

$15,000.00 - Israel in the West Bank
Locust Valley, NY |

Taghyeer Movement

The innovative Taghyeer (Change) Palestinian National Nonviolence Movement was founded by Palestinian community leaders. Taghyeer focuses on engaging Palestinian society on a way forward to achieve social change and national goals through nonviolence. The movement involves all segments of Palestinian society by strengthening and supporting communities and providing independent organizations and activists an umbrella for coordinated action.

$60,000.00 - General Support
Scarsdale, NY |

Women Wage Peace

Women Wage Peace exists in order to bring an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through an honorable and bilaterally acceptable political agreement within a target date of 2018, with women equally represented in each negotiating track.

$40,000.00 - General Support
Kfar Saba, Israel |

Climate Strategies
Total Grants $463,800.00

We support organizations addressing the drivers, or causes, of climate change. Our grantees work to reduce the use of dirty combustion fuels, eliminate the emissions of greenhouse gases, and/or sequester carbon in the soil, forests or oceans.


Amazon Watch

The mission of Amazon Watch is to partner with South American indigenous/environmental NGO's to protect Amazonian ecosystems and indigenous lands threatened by internationally financed industrial mega-projects (oil/gas pipelines, dams, highways, waterways).

$40,000.00 - Amazon Sacred Headwaters Initiative
Oakland, CA |

As You Sow

As You Sow (AYS) is dedicated to ensuring that corporations and other institutions act responsibly and in the long-term best interests of the environment and the human condition. To achieve these goals, As You Sow engages and challenges corporations through direct dialogue and shareholder advocacy; refines economic arguments to move corporations, other institutions, and financial markets toward environmentally and socially responsible practices; enforces environmental, consumer protection and right to know laws; provides grants to non-profit organizations primarily focused on toxics reduction, remediation and prevention and environmental education.

$30,000.00 - Eliminating Main-to-Meter Fugitive Methane
Oakland, CA |

Canopy Planet Society

Canopy is an international award-winning environmental non-for-profit organization dedicated to protecting our world's forests, species and climate by leveraging corporate customer power to create sustainable supply chains, innovative solutions to environmental challenges and large-scale conservation on the ground. We recognize that business leaders are powerful forces for environmental change and work with 750+ global book publishers, magazines, newspapers, printers and fashion brands to develop and implement sustainable procurement policies that shift them away from materials sourced from ancient and endangered forests towards ecological alternatives such as paper and fabrics made of recycled materials and agricultural residue. Canopy's work is global in scope — be it the ecosystems we work to protect, the customer brands we engage to achieve those conservation goals as well as the unsustainable supply chains that we transform.

$40,000.00 - Second Harvest
Vancouver, Canada |

Center for Health, Environment and Justice

Center for Health, Environment and Justice (CHEJ) empowers community-based groups fighting contamination of the air, water or soil that threatens human health and the environment. It carries out its mission by providing organizing and technical assistance to local groups. In addition, CHEJ coordinates nationwide collaborative campaigns around children's environmental health issues and precautionary action, in order to focus the collective power of the grassroots movement for environmental health on corporate and government decision makers.

$30,000.00 - Preventing Fracking, Pipelines and Infrastructure Campaign
Falls Church, VA |

EarthRights International

EarthRights International (ERI) was founded as a non-governmental, nonprofit that combines the power of law and the power of people to protect human rights and the environment. It has four areas it focuses on to meet its goals to link human rights and environmental movements: to investigate, monitor, and expose human rights and environmental abuses occurring in the name of development; to increase transparency and accountability of governments, transnational corporations, and international financial institutions; to protect individuals and communities at work defending the earth; and to ensure biodiversity, conservation and ecological integrity.

$25,000.00 - Climate Justice and Accountability
Washington, DC |


Earthworks is dedicated to protecting communities and the environment from the destructive impacts of mineral development, in the U.S. and worldwide. It fulfills its mission by working with communities and grassroots groups to reform government policies, improve corporate practices, influence investment decisions and encourage responsible materials sourcing and consumption.

$35,000.00 - Oil & Gas Accountability Project (Energy Program)
Washington, DC |

Friends of the Earth

Friends of the Earth (FoE) is a national organization dedicated to protecting the planet from environmental disaster; preserving biological, cultural, and ethnic diversity; and empowering citizens to have an effective voice in decisions affecting their environment and their lives. FOE fosters partnerships with a broad range of non-governmental environmental groups on all continents.

$40,000.00 - Arctic Campaign
Washington, DC |

Georgia Strait Alliance

Formed in 1990, Georgia Strait Alliance works to protect, preserve and restore the ecology of Georgia Strait and its adjoining waters. The organization's activities include public education, advocacy, special events, networking and resource sharing.

$30,000.00 - Protecting our coast and the climate from fossil fuel development
Vancouver, BC V6B 1H7, Canada |


MN350 (Minneosta works to inspire Minnesotans to rise to the challenge of the climate crisis: to create a new sense of urgency and possibility for our planet. MN350 knits many efforts together in a powerful and unified call to action—a call that is global, scientific, and relational. It works to build a social movement by empowering individuals, groups, and communities to act collectively in addressing the climate crisis.

$30,000.00 - Love Water, Not Oil
Minneapolis, MN |

New Energy Economy, Inc.

New Energy Economy (NE2) seeks to create opportunities for New Mexico by developing solutions to global warming. It is a collaborative effort dedicated to making New Mexico a model for state-based initiatives that will help create energy independence for America. NE2's work has four components: research, development and implementation of energy and global warming policy; creation of model energy projects; network building; and strategic communications.

$34,000.00 - General Support
Santa Fe, NM |

San Juan Citizens Alliance

San Juan Citizens Alliance was founded to fill the need for a long-term, citizen-action group committed to environmental protection and social change in southwest Colorado’s and northwest New Mexico’s San Juan Basin. Based in Durango, Colorado, the organization's mission is to promote stable communities that actively recognize and respect social and ecological diversity, increase genuine democracy, and foster social, economic, and environmental justice in the region. The Alliance has three major campaigns: protecting wild lands and rivers; reforming oil and gas development; and empowering local landowners impacted by coalbed methane wells. It organizes affected constituencies to advocate for policy reforms and appropriate actions by decision-makers.

$32,000.00 - Climate Action In The San Juan Basin
Durango, CO |

Stand Environmental Society

Stand Environmental Society challenges corporations and governments to treat people and the environment with respect, because our lives depend on it.

$35,000.00 - Stand Environmental Society vs. Kinder Morgan TMX
Vancouver, BC V6B1H7, Canada |

Taxpayers for Common Sense

The mission of Taxpayers for Common Sense (TCS) is to expose and end wasteful and harmful spending in order to create a federal government that operates within its means. It is an independent voice for American taxpayers, dedicated to cutting wasteful government spending and subsidies in order to achieve a responsible and efficient government that lives within its means. Its vision is for a federal government that costs less and lives within its means. It seeks to transcend ideological and partisan differences to build support for common sense reforms.

$33,000.00 - Energy Program
Washington, DC |

World Future Council

World Future Council seeks to inform and educate policy makers and opinion leaders about the challenges facing future generations while providing them with practical solutions. The WFC identifies and promotes successful policies that can be implemented into legislation and policy measures. To achieve this, the WFC uses networks that include over 25,000 parliamentarians and more than 8,000 civil society organizations around the globe. The council consists of 50 personalities from around the globe, who have already contributed to or achieved outstanding measures in the interest of future generations. These range from advocating human rights and sustaining the environment to supporting political, scientific, cultural and economic justice. WFC's ongoing projects include: Climate and Sustainability, KidsCall Campaign, and The Rights of Future Generations project.

$14,000.00 - General Support
D-20401 Hamburg, Germany |

Yansa Inc

Yansa Inc, dba the Yansa Group, partners with communities to facilitate their direct participation in the just transition to renewable energy, while ensuring that the communities retain control over their resources.

$15,800.00 - General Support
Cold Spring, NY |

Thriving Resilient Communities Funding Circle
Total Grants $269,500.00

Threshold’s Thriving Resilient Communities funding circle (TRC) funds collaborative tools and approaches that build leadership and capacity for communities to address their own strategic needs in the face of energy, climate, economic, and social challenges. Resilience is a community’s ability to adapt and thrive in changing conditions instead of collapsing during a shock. Resilience is not just about “bouncing back” from a shock. Instead, it is about “bouncing forward” to eliminate the inequities and unsustainable resource use that are the root causes of the many crises we face. The resilient community movement includes initiatives that use a variety of names such as Healthy, Just, Livable, Local, Peace, Resilient, Sustainable, Thrive, and Transition.


Center for Economic Democracy

The Center for Economic Democracy (CED) is as a social movement support organization, resourcing long term community based strategies to transform the American capitalism. Driving convergence in the fields of grassroots power building, cooperative economic development and cultural organizing, CED offers support and incubation for a portfolio of initiatives that advance a vision for economic democracy in the United States.

$29,300.00 - Commonwealth Worker Ownership Collaborative
Boston, MA |

Climate Justice Alliance

Climate Justice Alliance (CJA) is a national alliance of frontline communities forging a just transition away from an extractive energy economy to local, linked, and living economies.

$29,300.00 - General Support
Oakland, CA |

Daily Acts Organization

Daily Acts Organization's vision is to foster a healthy, just, and reverent culture. Its mission is to transform its communities through inspired action and education which builds leadership and local self-reliance.

$20,300.00 - General Support
Petaluma, CA |

New Economy Coalition, Inc

The New Economy Coalition (NEC) is a network of organizations imagining and building a future where people, communities, and ecosystems thrive. Together, we are creating deep change in our economy and politics—placing power in the hands of people and uprooting legacies of harm—so that a fundamentally new system can take root.

$25,500.00 - New Economies Media Project
Cambridge, CA |

New England Grassroots Environment Fund

New England Grassroots Environment Fund's mission is to foster and give voice to community-based environmental initiative in New England. They work to further an environmental ethic based on stewardship and citizen involvement through a grassroots network.

$21,300.00 - General Support
Newmarket, NH |

NorCal Community Resilience Network

NorCal Community Resilience Network's ("The NorCal Network") mission is to create a hub in Northern California for community-based and permaculture-inspired solutions to climate change, economic instability and social inequity. The NorCal Network helps to build capacity for grassroots projects and programs; broadens support for the movement and builds solidarity between groups who are building regenerative, locally-based self-sufficient and equitable communities.

$16,800.00 - General Support
Berkele, CA |

Permaculture Action Network

Permaculture Action Network works at the edge of art, music, culture, and the regenerative community movement, offering people a pathway to take action locally where they live. Permaculture Action Network connects educators, community organizers, grassroots projects, and performance artists through Permaculture Action Days and educational events. These mass actions mobilize diverse audiences to build a healthy, life-affirming and just world while pushing collective resilience and ecological justice to the center of society's cultural narrative.

$23,300.00 - General Support
Berkeley, CA |


Revival's mission is to assist the emergence of holistic cultural evolution, by prototyping radical social gatherings that exemplify the healthiest organizing principles of Life.

$15,300.00 - 2018 Salish Sea Revival Tour (& Trainings)
Freeland, WA |

Rooted in Resilience

Rooted in Resilience inspires and supports community leaders in building equitable, resilient communities. Rooted in Resilience confronts the challenges of climate instability, rising energy costs, and recession by boosting regional capacity to provide for everyone’s needs, sustainably and equitably. Rooted in Resilience achieves this by equipping local leaders with flexible tools, models, and policies that strengthen their communities.

$25,300.00 - General Support
Oakland, CA |

Sustainable Economies Law Center

The Sustainable Economies Law Center (SELC) facilitates the growth of sustainable, localized, and just economies, through education, legal research, and advocacy that support practices such as local investing, urban agriculture, cooperatives, barter, local currencies, sharing, cottage industries, and economically sustainable housing.

$33,300.00 - Transformative Policymakers
Oakland, CA |

Thriving Resilient Communities Collaboratory

Thriving Resilient Communities Collaboratory is an invitational action research network project exploring tipping-point strategies for scaling the community resilience movement and engaging the mainstream in North America. The intention is to build collective wisdom, map the field, and fund best practices and leading-edge work in local community resilience. The Collaboratory is a learning community of practice, an agile collaborative-funding incubator, and a call to conscious collaboration and co-creation in service to the Great Transition.

$10,200.00 - General Support

Transition US

Transition US is a resource and catalyst for building resilient communities across the United States that are able to withstand severe energy, climate or economic shocks while creating a better quality of life in the process. Its mission is to inspire, encourage, support, network and train individuals and their communities as they consider, adopt, adapt, and implement the Transition approach to community empowerment and action. Transition US accomplishes its work by helping to launch and support Transition Initiatives (also known as "Transition Towns") across all regions of the country.

$19,600.00 - From Stories to Action: Building a Community of Results
Sebastopol, CA |

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